Hanegi Park --- Ume ( Plum Blossom Festival )

I went to Hanegi Park near Umegaoka Station on Odakyu line today. A local friend and I met at the station and then went onto the park. Ume-Matsuri ( Plum Blossom Festival ) is being held this month through Feb. 24.

It is national holiday today, so there were many people getting off at Umegaoka and walk towards the park.

As usual, the first thing we did was to " eat " !!!
We had these food shown here on the left. From left, Okonomiyaki ( Japanese style pancake containing vegetables and other stuff ) , Hot Sake , Croquettes, Vienna sausage.

This park has several sections.
In the grove of plum trees, this red buds are almost blooming.
Probably because of the several snow we had in the past few weeks, only 30% were blooming.


danao said...

hi there ~.~
i m planning to go to the hanegi park this afternoon, too bad it s too late for the matsuri !!
But i hope the ume all bloomed !
I love food too, i m in Japan just for a few months and i gained 3kg... T.T

alwayseating said...

Dear danao,

Thanks for the comment. Your blog looks interesing. Let me check it when I have more time.

Yeah, the festival is over,but flowers should be blooming right now. You are lucky , it seems the weather is great this weekend. Enjoy ! ahah ! My Brazilian friend said the same thing. She currently lives in Germany, but loves Japanese food and during her stay here, she gained several kg....