Chinese Restaurant Akasaka Rikyu

If you live in Shin Yurigaoka or somewhere close there such as some town on Odakyu Line, you probably go to Shin Yurigaoka for shopping or movies. Hotel Molino ( waterwheel in Spanish) is 1 min. from the station.
If you go out South Exit, the hotel is immediately on your left.
Go up to 7th floor. There is quiet restaurant floor, where you can have conversations in peaceful atmosphere.
About 2 weeks ago, I had lunch with my aunt. Originally we were going to have dinner at night, but the weather forecast said that snow might come. So, we changed the plan. Nice restaurant with nice service. They serve you Chinese tea. Appetizers, deep fried spring roll, soup , shrimp and veggies , dessert. I think we ordered weekly special or daily lunch.... I don't remember. They were all very good. Shin Yurigaoka has other casual places as well, but when you'd like to try little upscale place, this is a recommendation.
Akasaka Rikyu in Hotel Molino
Tel: 044-953-5111
7F, Hotel Molino Shin Yurigaoka
1-1-1 Kami Aso, Aso-Ku, Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa Prefecture

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