Zuke-don ( Rice Bowl of Seasoned Tuna )

I found good tuna pakcage at super market.
Made this dinner on Tuesday. In Japanese it is called Zuke-don. Zuke came from "tsukeru = pickle or soak". You put tuna in sauce which is made from soy sauce, mirin ( sweet rice wine ) and sake. This is so easy and also healthy, tastes great. The top left is tamagoyaki( grilled egg) and kuromame ( black beans , left over from new year's feast.)
Steamed white rice
Tuna ( 1 small package from supermarket )
Shiso ( Japanese basil ) a few leaves.
Wasabi ( I usually use tube one.) , Dried lavar seaweed, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 1 table spoon of mirin and 2 tea spoons of sake.
1. Make the sauce first. Put soy sauce , mirin and sake into a grass bowl. ( resistance to heat)
2. Microwave the bowl for 30 sec. ( without cover or lid )
3. Soak tuna into the bowl.
4. Put rice into the bowl ( this bowl is to be served on the table.)
5. Put tuna and sauce on the rice.
6. tear shiso with hands. Put dried lavar seaweed and shiso on the tuna. Put some wasabi on the very top of them. Yum! Enjoy it !
If you can't find shiso, fine, go without it. You don't have to think " you have to have dried lavar seaweed.". You can simply prepare tuna and arrange it with something .... you can sprinkle sesame. Chopped green onion. Be creative ! I think authentic way is little different . Probably you are supposed to pickle the tuna over night, but this tastes good enough. That overnight one tastes sometimes too salty for me. ( I don't like too salty taste. )

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