Yukimi-nabe ( Snow Viewing Japanese Nabe )

When we say " nabe" as cuisine, it means this sort or casserole. There are various kinds of nabe cooking and those are popular in Winter.

On the day we had snow here, I wanted to have some nabe, which warms me up. I decided to make " Yukimi-nabe." Yukimi means snow viewing. I don't think there is no specific recipe for Yukimi-nabe, just one thing you shouldn't forget is to put grated daikon-radish. ( Japanese radish ) The grated radish looks like snow. Anyways, I prepared Chinese cabbage and thinly sliced pork.

Dashi soup powder.
Thinly sliced pork. 100 grams.
Chinese cabbage. 3, 4 leaves broken by hands. Several slices of ginger.
Water . Grated radish. ( I prepared about 3 cups ) Yuzu Soy sauce. ( Ponze- Yuzu lemon juice and soy sauce )

1. Put some dashi powder and water into the nabe.
2. Put sliced ginger into the nabe. Wait till it is boiled.
3. Add grated radish, pork and Chinese cabbage. Cook them.
4. Prepare a small bowl with Yuzu Soy sauce.
Enjoy ! Scoop the pork and cabbage with grated radish and put in the bowl.
Add some Yuzu soy sauce. Yummy ! You'll feel so warm.

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