Tofu Lasagna --- Easy Recipe

There was some small tofu package left in the fridge.
Wanted to use up that. Easy lasagna and Taro potato bread (with butter ).
1 Mini Tofu ( If it is normal or big size, cut it .) Cut into long sticks.
( It is better to put it on paper towel and wipe the water before cooking. )
50 to 70 grams of Ground meat ( beef and pork mixed, anything is fine.)
1 cup of Tomato sauce ( I used bottled one.)
Cheese , Olive oil, Dried Herbs (I used Thyme and Sage for this. Oregano could be good also.)
Salt, Pepper, Granular Bouillon
1. Heat the pan. Pour 1 table spoon of olive oil , start cooking meat.
2. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper over the meat.
3. Add a pinch of herbs.
4. Add tomato sauce and granular bouillon ( about 1 tea spoon )
5. Keep cooking till it starts boiling.
6. Place tofu in the baking dish. 7. Pour above "5" over tofu. Put cheese on it.
7. Place the dish into the oven or oven toaster. I used oven toaster this time and set the timer for 20 min. Healthy lasagna is now ready ! It could become watery depending on TOFU. Put tofu on paper towel and wait till the extra water is gone , if you'd like it less watery. Because of that little water and olive oil, I did not spread any olive oil or butter in the baking dish. ( It was OK without it. )

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