This World might be Ended Much Faster than We think

Last night, I saw a TV program on TV Asahi, which was quite shocking. It is a shame that I haven't seen " The Inconvenient Truth". I should rent or buy DVD soon.

The program title was ( allow me to translate directly ) "Earth Crisis 2008 - To people who live blandly. " It showed the reports from several points from the world,where faces real crisis.
At the foot of Mt. Everest, there are some small villages, but they are facing the danger that the villages might be hit by large scale flood due to the melted ice from glacier. From the ocean near the north pole, it showed the melting ice and compared the area ( which now has a big hole. ) to 10 years ago. ( It was fully covered with thick ice 10 years ago. ) The orangutan in the Borneo forest are loosing their homes. The Aral Sea in Kazkhstan & Uzbekistan is shrinking. Finally the beautiful Galapagos is now facing the loss of original ecosystem and animals are trying to hard to survive.... All these are caused by people's foolish choices, competitions, egoism. Yes, it has been talked for a while now, but seeing it in the real images gave me strong impact. I hope they do air the program many more times and produce the series. It is educational. I would like to make money and live good life, but I 'd like to keep simple life and try not to waste food and appreciate what we have now. Japan is depending on foreign countries for its food supply. One of the reason is that we became extravagant and too picky. It is shocking that convenience store's food is damped everyday although the food mileage they have spent to come here is huge. We need to think about these and start from what we can do. Yes, if I think of something good, I will forward it to those corporation and present the plan. ( I need to run my business, so cannot do much volunteer work. Still, if there is something small, I feel I should work on that after seeing that. )

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