Taiyaki---Fish-Shaped Pancake Filled with Bean Jam

A snack I ate a few days ago. I am still working at midnight, still wanted to upload something.
So, let me show you this snack.
Direct translation should be " Grilled Snapper",
since " Tai " is " Snapper".
Yet, this is not a real one as you can see. Sweet snack. Inside there, bean jam. Traditional snack in Japan. I usually enjoy it i with milk or green tea.


Bill said...

That's a lovely snack! What kind of a shop did you buy it from? Was it expensive? Thanks for all the posts lately, I enjoyed them all!


alwayseating said...

Dear Bill,

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I love that shape. There used to be Taiyaki shops in towns, but nowadays those nice little shops are very rare. I bought this at the super market nearby. They had it at DELI section. Thanks for reading my blog as always.