Taco Ball Cooker

Ms. Akiko Nakagami is super lady who has been ranked for Forbes's Japanese top 50 entrepreneurs. She is going to introduce this Taco Ball Cooker to Australia, so if you are in Australia, look forward to it !
I visited her office the other day and she showed me how this cooker works. As you can see the center part has legs around it and those legs keep rolling the Taco Balls. After you put the ingredients into the each pit, the rest will be controlled by the cooker ! That was fun to watch.
Also, there were various ingredients prepared by her such as octopus ( of course ), onion, ground meat, cherry tomato etc.... maybe you can put cheese and make pizza ball !?? It was soooo good.
I'd like to buy one for my home.
When you have party, you can enjoy cooking the balls and also watching them moving !
( They look cute. )
The cooking seemed to be quite eco-friendly. The cooker was clean ( no residue ) and you will not need much cleanser.
Hope next time I visit Australia, people are enjoying Taco Ball
in Australian style.


gembalina said...

Hello, I live in Australia and today I stumbled across your blog! I'm very excited about this takoyaki machine - do you know if you can buy it in Australia yet?

I lived in japan for some time and got quite addicted to takoyaki, I really miss it now :(

alwayseating said...

Dear gembalina,

Thanks for the comment.

Oh, I haven't checked it with Ms. Nakagami lately. Let me chat with her. Will find out and advise you.
Just a moment , please.

Glad to hear that you like Takoyaki.