Sukiyaki --- Pseudo Kyoto Style

I call it Pseudo Kyoto Style. I think I followed my grandfather's style ( When he was in college, he was in Kyoto and this way of cooking Sukuyaki is different from Tokyo style, ), but do not remember correctly. So, maybe not so authentic Kyoto style..... Forgive me. As to Tokyo style, I will show you next time. ( Tokyo style uses warishita --- dashi soup & soy sauce combination sauce ).
Anyways, this was the feast of January 3.
thin sliced beef 100g or up to your appetite.
Shiitake mushroom 2, 3 ( Cut as shown in the above . )
Shungiku ( Garland Chrysanthemum. It has bit bitter chrysanthemum like flavor. If you cannot find it, use some green veggie. )
Naganegi ( Leek or Scallion . ) 1 stalk cut into 5 cm.
Chinese Cabbage 2 leaves. Tear it into bite size.
Soy Sauce, Sake, Sugar 3 table spoons each.
Sesame Oil 1 table spoon.
1 or 2 fresh eggs.
( You can add tofu, shirataki= noodle like yum paste.... For me that whole volume would be too much, so this time I didn't add them. )
There is Sukiyaki Pan at the shops, but you don't have to buy those.
I always use frying pan.
1. Heat the pan. Put sesame oil into it.
2. First, put the beef and grill it.
3. When beef color was changed, add sugar, soy sauce and sake.
4. Make the space for other ingredients. Add scallion, Chinese cabbage, Shiitake and Shungiku.
5. Cover the lid and wait till they are cooked. Watch and move the ingredients to avoid burning.
( With sugar, sometimes it tends to get burned. )
6. When they are all cooked, dress the ingredients with the tasty sauce and eat ! When you eat,
dip them into the well stirred fresh raw egg. This goes well with steamed white rice.
This time, I had left over Toppogi ( Korean rice cake whose shape is like chalk. )
Enjoy !

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