Strawberry Shortcake from Second House

I got this urge for strawberry shortcake and wondered.
Where is the good cake shop ? Which one is popular lately ?
In college days, we ( my friends and myself ) used to check magazines and often visited newly opened shops for cakes and others. Well, I didn't want go too far today. " Patisserie Takagi"was a recommendation when I asked around. Yes, it is well known one. There should be many others in Tokyo,but decided to go local today.
This shop is originally from Kyoto. You can have coffee, tea and cakes inside the shop. I asked for this shortcake and ate at home. Yes, it was delicious !
Second House @ Shimokitazawa
Tel: 03-3481-0401
Address: 2-26-14 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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