Setagaya Boro-Ichi --- Flea Market

If you have a chance during December or January, please try this market in Setagaya. ( It's twice a year . ) Fun to stroll around even if you don't buy anything special, you would enjoy the traditional flea market ambiance and at least grab some snack. Boro-ichi 's boro is from rag, ichi means market. This specific flea market, Boro-Ichi has been here for over 400 years.

Originally, started with literally " rag", but now there you can see various kinds of materials being sold from food to household alter. The photo above is the area plants and flowers are sold.
On the narrow array toward this area, I was sipping Amazake ( hot drink made from sakekasu) ,
a man selling kitchen utensils talked me and poured little sake into the cup . Thank you ! ( wait a moment, though, it is weekday morning....!!! I have to go back to the office for work , sir !!)
At this fish shop, I bought 4 pieces of salted salmon, which the shop wanted to sell as 1,000 yen for 8 pieces. I didn't need that much, so asked the owner and negotiated, which I succeeded.

At Origin Bento, usually lunch box seller, they had this Tonjiru ( miso-soup with pork and vegetables ) selling a cup for 100 yen. I had this for breakfast. ( I had to come back to the office quickly, so ran to this market early morning. ) Tonjiru warmed me up.

At this shop, I bought two pendant necklaces. I will show them in the blog later, so please look forward to it ! They are lovely and I wear it almost everyday now. There were other pretty ones also, but I was bit scared to spend too much there, so after talking to the creator & owner, left there and went on.

There were many people despite of the early morning time. Next one will be held on December 15 & 16, 2008. If you are in Setagaya area, please try ! It is between Setagaya and Kamimachi on Setagaya-line ( small private train which runs between Sangenjaya and Shimotakaido ).


Bill said...

How nice to see a real slice of Tokyo life! Lovely photos too! I'd fancy a cup of miso soup while browsing the plant stalls.

alwayseating said...

Thank you, Bill. When it is cold, it seems people or towm try to find extra fun like this. It seems we are having snow tonight or tomorrow. Hope you stay warm in your country.

Bill said...

Snow showed up one day here in Ireland in December, but mostly it's been very wet and stormy. We keep warm with a coal fired range and an open fire, and the computer in the office seems to be enough to keep that room warm.

I'm glad to see that Ireland is the third biggest country listed on your home page!

alwayseating said...

Bill, Open fire and range sounds warm. Finally, the real snow came to Tokyo today. The roofs are covered with snow.

alwayseating said...

Bill, I forgot to mention about Ireland. Yes, you are the third country in the list. Thanks to you! Is there many Japanese food around you ???

Bill said...

Very little Japanese food in Ireland, though are a number of good restaurants in Dublin which I visit when I'm there. But I live in the rural west and they're hard to find out here. It's easy to buy some Japanese ingredients in the supermarkets, sushi rice and seaweed, and the health food stores are good for the more interesting ingredients. I've discovered that I can order tea from Japan over the internet and am drinking genmaicha from a tea shop in Kyoto as I write. Perhaps there are good websites to order food.

alwayseating said...


Oh, you drink genmaicha from Kyoto. Sounds good. There are shops which sells green tea leaves in Tokyo and didn't think about it. That's good idea to order over internet. I sometimes use the net shop to order special dessert or organic veggies.