New Year's Fukubukuro - Lucky Bag

During New Year's celebration, usually starting January 2, shops and department stores sell " Fukubukuro= Lucky Bag".
For example, if it is women's wear section at department stores,
you can find 2,000 yen, - 20,000 ( the package prices vary. Maybe it's higher. ) yen bags that has cap, socks, sweater etc...and they are sealed. You cannot check what is inside, so it is exciting to buy these. Supposed to be good buy since one bag has several
items. I bought this bag ( this inside was not secret ! ) at Kaldi , which sells imported foods.
Three coffee package were in one bag and price was probably less than half. I got Blue Mountain Blend, Wild Mocha and Kaldi Blend. Yesterday, when I went out, there were so many people in my town and shops were selling their Lucky Bags.

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