Kitsune Udon ( Noodle Soup with Fried Bean Curd)

Some offices are starting new year's business today, some are
starting next Monday. Well, I did some work during new year's holidays, but I am working today. Because I am bit busy and also because I am fed up with new year's feast, I wanted to have something light and easy. Here is instant udon noodle soup with sweet fried-bean curd. There is a packet inside, soup powder and chili pepper. Open the powder packet and put on the freeze-dried bean-curd. Pour boiled hot water into the cup. ( up to the line of the inside the cup) Cover with the lid ( when you peel the lid, open only half and close it again) and wait for 5 min. Sprinkle chili pepper and stir. Yum !

This udon is called Kitsune ( Fox ) Udon (thick white noodle made of wheat flour ) . It is said fox loves deep fried bean curd. ( some kind of folk tale, I think. Correct me if I am wrong ! There are many Inari Jinja=shrine in Japan and fox is considered as messenger of Inari Jinja. At Inari Jinja , you will often see twin foxes welcoming you at the entrance. It looks like they are guarding the god. ) Inari jinja is related to industrial business.
( It seems originally considered as god for agriculture. )

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