"Katsura Biyoushitu Besshitsu"---Beauty Salon Katsura's Annex

This is blog is originally for FOOD. yes, I still try to write about food, yet this is also cultural information transmitter for me. So, please allow me to set another label " Japanese Novel ".
I hadn't read story books for a while, so wanted to read. Picked this one, written by Naocola Yamazaki. I guess the writer's real name is probably Naoko Yamazaki. She probably likes Cola and named herself Naocola, unusual name. Anyways, the story has only 5 characters mainly.
Junnosuke, who is " me " in the book. Umeda-san is a friend of Junnosuke and who is free-spirited person , his final education was elementary school, though maneges to keep the life somehow. Junnosuke is 27 year old, employee of probably big company. The story develops with the two girls working at beauty salon and the owner of the salon, Mr. Katsura. Ms. Momoi is young, but decent and has soft voice , chubby one. Eri is tall, little eccentric, sensitive girl who Junnosuke cares little. Though they never get into serious relationship. The story talks about the feelings of these young people.... movement of their mind...which is not dramatic, but something we would feel everyday. That is why I was impressed. This writer is good. Also the usage of the word. She uses some slung, some proper name....the touch of those words fit into the context casually. That makes the whole story light, yet delicate. mmm.

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