Kabu ( Turnip) & Bacon Pasta

I am working , but taking a little brake at the moment....., so....
In Winter, kabu( turnip ) is good. After being cooked in heat,
it becomes sweeter. I cooked Turnip & Bacon Pasta.
Easy to make.
1 clove of garlic ( chopped )
2 turnips with stalk and leaves ( cut them like the photo)
1 chunk of bacon ( cut into bite size )
Olive oil , Salt, Pepper
1. Boil water and sprinkle some salt and start cooking pasta.
2. Pour some olive oil into the pan and start cooking garlic.
3. Add bacon. Add turnip. Fry them. Sprinkle pepper.
4. When turnip looks cooked enough, put out the fire.
5. Put past on the plate and put cooked turnip and bacon on the pasta.
Enjoy ! ( I don't use cheese for this plate. Somehow, it is better to enjoy it simply. )

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