Ichiro's Secret --- Japanese Baseball Player's Lunch

During new year holidays, there was NHK program featuring Seattle Mariners' Japanese super star " Ichiro ".
I was interested in him since he seems to make amazing records so easily. It turned out that his lifestyle is quite stoic and tries to stay in same patterns for almost everything. Even this super star struggles with the pressure. The program showed how he trains himself ( Scientific approach to strengthen his muscle. )
His lunch is curry and rice that his wife makes. Everyday. For the past 7 years ! Can you believe it ? I would love having curry a few times a week, but that is all. I cannot keep eating the same food every day. He says " It has to be simple curry. I cannot believe having cutlet on the top. " mmm. I don't think I can become a super star by just eating curry. Still , it was tempting after new year's feast. I cooked curry next day and had it for lunch . :)

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