Dinner plates.... last week

This is dinner set I made last week. White rice, pan-fried oyster, ikura & daikonoroshi ( salmon caviar & grated radish ) , tamago-yaki ( fried egg ) & grated radish ( little soy sauce added ) .
It felt quite light and healthy. When I was small, I was taught " Oyster is Ocean Milk " since it is so nutritious and good for us.
I love both fresh oysters and cooked oysters.
Oysters ( there were about 10 oysters in a package.)
Wheat flower
Butter, Yuzu-Soy Sauce ( Ponzu )
1. Wash oysters with running water.
2. Paper dry them.
3. Dress oysters with flour.
4. Heat the pan. Put butter into the pan.
5. Add oysters into the pan and cook.
6. When the surface oyster starts browning or when they are cooked ( don't cook too long since it will kill the freshness of the oysters. ) .
7. Place oysters onto the plate. Pour some Yuzupon ( Ponzu ).
The flavor of the butter and yuzupon match and creates savory aroma....... recommended winter taste !

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