Cheese Macaroni

I don't know the proper name of this.
During new year holidays, I kept eating Japanese new year feast and rice cakes.
Toward the end of the holidays, I really missed Western food. I made this Cheese Macaroni.
( In the photo, chestnuts on the top left, Chinese cabbage's hot salad on the top right.)
Cheese Macaroni:
macaroni --- 40 to 50 grams ( as much as you want )
1 egg
1/2 cup of milk
1 cupful cheese ( any cheese which would be good for this )
1. Cook macaroni in boiled water ( put some salt )
2. Beat egg in a bowl and add milk. Add half of the cheese.
3. Spread butter inside the baking dish.
4. Put the macaroni and sprinkle salt & pepper.
5. Pour "2" above over the macaroni. Add remaining cheese over it.
6. Put " 5" into the heated oven . ( 180 degrees) Cook for 15 to 20 min. till the top turns golden brown.
Simple and nice.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you the real name of this! 'Macaroni cheese'-easy, hey? I know cos my dad used to cook it for mme all the time when I was little!

alwayseating said...

Thanks for the comment.

OK, Not Cheese Macaroni, Macaroni Cheese ! Thank you !

Yes, it's oishii... Haven't made this for a while. Maybe tonight's dinner is Macaroni Cheese...