Baby Shower for a Friend

The above is sushi-roll made by a girl who is becoming a mom.
It has salmon, egg, cucumber, crabmeat, shiitake..... delicious.
You dip this a bit into soy sauce.
In the photo here, Leila is getting tired of handling many lady guests......

Yesterday, we had " Baby Shower " for a friend. 6 girls gathered to celebrate her expected baby. Every body is in different industry and has attractive personalty. Educated in different field, different countries. I know Baby Shower is American thing,but we wanted to celebrate the girl and also enjoy the conversation. I made some new friends there, who I enjoyed talking with. I am sure this group will get together again in the near future and have more fun ! There were several kinds of finger food mostly prepared by another friend, I brought 12 pieces of small bite size strawberry pies. Other dishes were guacamole and chips, makizushi ( sushi rolls ), salmon and sour cream on toasts, mushroom & choriso, cream puffs from Beard Papa..... It was a lot of good food. I didn't have to eat dinner that night.

After the feast, this cake was presented. Wow ! There are gold leaves on the strawberries.

Lots of good food ! Now, we look forward to seeing her baby soon.


tsubaki said...

was truly lovely evening and very nice seeing you.
come over my place next time. am sooo excited to go on the girls talk all together! Ciao, Sachiko

alwayseating said...


Thanks for the comment. Yap, I'm so glad to have met you there.
Looking forward to the next girls' talk at your place !