Apple Toast

This winter, my neighbour gave me a lot of apples he received from Nagano prefecture. Thanks to him. I ate many of them. Still there are some apples left in the fridge. So, I made this apple toast. Original recipe is from Comic Book " Oishimbo" 's recipe book.
"Oishimbo" is great comic book which pursues the world of food.
The leading character is the journalist in charge of food section at the news paper company. His father is well known charismatic
food specialist. The leading character and his father shows battles through food, for example,
if the theme is APPLE, they try to show the best cooking of apple and the readers are drawn into their world being curious who wins this time.....
half apple ( if it is small one, use the whole apple )
sugar, butter
1. cut apple into bite size.
2. put some butter and the apple into the pan and add some sugar. ( depends how sweet you would like to make it. i put 2 table spoons of sugar.)
3. cook the apple till the apple's edges become round. ( don't cook too long, the apple will be too soggy. )
4. toast breads, spread butter, put cooked apple on the breads. yummy !


Anonymous said...

So easy, so simple, so good. Thanks for posting this recipe. I used a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon on mine. Loved it.

alwayseating said...

Hi, thanks fot the comment.

Glad to hear that you liked it!
Oh, that should be good, nutmeg and cinnamon. I will try them next time. Thanks for the great idea !