Amazake --- Warm You Up !

Amazake ( direct translation is sweet sake) is winter drink that you can warm up yourself. I made it a few days ago from Sakekasu ( Sake Cake ) . Sakekasu is sort of debris of sake making process. Looks like the photo below....like a clay.

It used to be summer cold drink for nutritional support in old days. It's tasty , so you don' t have to think about nutrition,but it is very good for your body with various vitamins and amino acids.


1 pack of sakekasu ( at stores, about 140 yen. For one cup, you would need 1/4 of it.)

sugar, ginger, water

1. break sakekasu and put them into a milk pan.

2. start heating the milk pan and add 1 mug cup of water gradually.

3. melt sakekasu well.

4. when sakekasu is well resolved and it starts boiling, it is about time to put out the fire.

5. add some sugar and teaspoon of grated ginger.

You can find canned amazake at stores in winter,but I feel home made tastes thicker and better.

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