Wasabi & Soy Sauce Onigiri ( rice ball )

This is from Otsumami Yokocho cook book. 
It was great !  If you like spicy wasabi flavour, you will love it !

Ingredients: ( for this two small rice balls ) 
2 small cups of steamed white rice
1 tea spoon of soy sauce
1 tea spoon of wasabi ( I used wasabi in tube -- sold in a package like tooth paste ) 
some nori ( the black seaweed sheets in the photo ) 

1. Put rice in a bowl.  Add soy sauce and wasabi.
2. Stir well. make 2 balls like the photo.
3. Wrap them with nori.  Put a pinch of wasabi for decoration ( like photo ).

Tip: When you make the rice ball, wet your hands with lukewarm water, otherwise, the rice will stick to your hands.  

Stollen & Miso Soup

A slice of Stollen ( German Christmas Cake ) and miso soup for breakfast one morning after Christmas !

For Christmas, I had roasted chicken, some slices of roasted beef, 
tomato & mozzarella cheese, basil salad, crab pate & cucumber cracker....totally forgot to take the photo since we were so hungry. 
Sorry !


East meets West --- Miso Soup and Cheese

Maybe this photo is too small.  The left is bread containing curry inside.  The right is miso soup ( with shredded burdock, daikon radish , chopped scallion ).  On the top, I added shredded cheese.

It may sound strange combination, but it tastes good !  Try miso soup and cheese combination when you have a chance, please.  Both are fermented food, maybe that is why ?  It should be healthy also.

While I was on weight loss program ( my own program ), I tried to eat fruits only for breakfast.  It was good, but since September or October, it started feeling bit too cold for morning stomach, so I stopped it. ( I still eat some fruits for breakfast )  Instead, I switched to something warm or hot.  

I hope my weight stays same..... Let's see how it goes.  This holiday season is dangerous..so will watch out my appetite..

Kitazawa Shrine --- Local Guardian

I needed to work on some business and stopped by here, the shrine on the way back today.  To thank for the year of 2008.  I am not so religious, but respect all the religion.  Sometimes I go to churches, temples and shrines.... ( This is normal for Japanese.  Depending on the situation.  Sometimes friends hold weddings at churches, shrines.... when my father died, it was Buddhism. ) 

This shrine is supposed to protect my area and usually I visit for new year's wish.  For Japaenese, year end and new year start is something special.... closure and new start, where people clean up the house and prepare for happy new year.... yes, while I am still working ( most of the offices are already on new year holidays ) , I am cleaning my place also.  Did wash the curtains, wiped the windows, sold some of the books I have already read etc. etc....

Beef Bowl --- Yoshinoya

If you are in Tokyo, there are many Yoshinoya you can find, the leading restaurant of beef bowl.  

I had this lunch.  There are three sizes, this is the smallest and I also ordered miso soup, which is 50 yen.  The total was 430 yen.  

Usually, lunch set menu is around 1000 yen ( 600 yen to 1200 yen is the range , I would say).  Compared to those, it feels quite reasonable and when you don't have much time , nice enough. ( at least for myself ! ) 

Dunhill's Lounge in Ginza ( Aquarium )

The other day, I had a meeting at this lounge located on 3rd floor of Dunhill's building. ( Men's Wear Brand )   This is quiet and good place for meeting.  It feels like invited to somebody's den or library.  

2-6-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 
Alfred Dunhill Ginza 
Tel: 03-3562-1680


Ginger Turnip Pasta

One day, I wanted to have quick lunch at home.
In the fridge, there were a several stalks of turnip and ginger clove.

Turned out, great pasta with Japanese flavour !

1 table spoon of soy sauce
1 tea spoon of butter
salt , pepper
2 to 3 stalks of turnip ( chopped for bite size ) 
1 table spoon of grated ginger
1 table spoon of grape seed oil
*  Start boiling pasta.....while waiting for that, make the sauce. 
1.  Pour grape seed oil into the heated pan.
2.  Start cooking turnip, after a few minutes, add stalk part and leaves also.
3.  Add ginger and keep cooking. 
4.  Add butter, soy sauce, stir well. 
5.  Place the cooked pasta on the plate, add turnip sauce !  yummy !

Beer, Yakitori , Fried Chicken and Onigiri for Soccer Game

I was lucky since my friend was given two tickets for Club World Cup soccer game.  Gamba , the Japanese team did very well during the event.

Our ticket was for Sunday's final, which is Manchester United ( UEFA Champion )  vs. Liga de Quito ( Conmebol Champion ) .

Our seat was close to the ground and yes, we enjoyed beer, Yakitori ( grilled chicken) , fried chicken, fried bean curd with veggie, onigiri ( rice ball ) and inarizushi (fried bean curd stuffed with boiled rice ) etc...... when the game started , we were satisfied and able to concentrate watching the game !   

Manchester United won the game and the middle is the award ceremony. 
It seems next year, this event is going to be held in Dubai, UAE, so I was really lucky to get the ticket.  Plus, there was some acquintance in the industry sitting behind us.  Small world !

Toji --- Winter Solstice

This year, the Winter Solstice day was this past Sunday, December 21.  We are supposed to take Yuzu ( Japanese lemon ) bath and eat pumpkin and red beans to get over the cold winter. 

I forgot to take the Yuzu bath on Sunday.

Last night, I did.  You can see Yuzu lemons.
( This time, I scratched the surface of Yuzu to make it smell better and to squeeze the juice--- whose oil softens the skin ! )   Sometimes I chop Yuzu and wrap it in a towel or gauze.  Smelled so good. 


Locusts boiled in Soy Sauce

Hard to find good timing to write blog lately.  Let me write about locust today.
Then I have to go out again.

Do you eat LOCUST ?   I think even Japanese there are many people who don't eat locusts.
You know they are like grasshoppers.   I was thinking about it today..... locusts boiled in soy sauce was one of my favorites when I was kid.  Crunchy and bit sweet. mmm.  

Let me find it somewhere and upload soon.  

See you soon. 


China Town -- All You Can Eat @ Houtenkaku

I hadn't been to China Town in Yokohama for ages.
It is also fun to visit this town and whole Yokohama area, but my image is somehow " It takes full day."

Not anymore.  There is Minato Mirai line ( sort of extension of Tokyu Toyoko Line ) to Motomachi- China Town ( the end & start of the line). 

Only 30 min. to Yokohama Station from Shibuya Terminal and after Yokohama, it is several stops.  
If you are traveling from Shibuya, taking Express would be recommended. 

Also, there is Minato Mirai tickets, which you can get on and off on Minato Mirai line unlimited within the same day. 

Usually, one way from Shibuya is 440 yen to Minato-Mirai stations.   However, if you buy Minato Mirai ticket, Shibuya- China Town ( or any other stations on Minato -Mirai line ) is 840 for round trip and it includes all day long unlimited get-on & offs.

After enjoying Yokohama day trip, the closure was excellent restaurant called " Hou Ten Kaku".
There all you can eat for over 100 menu is 2480 yen for one person.   You need to order dishes from the menu ( up to 6 dishes at one time).   We tried about 18 dishes ( 3 rounds ! ) . 
It is still 2480 yen including the dishes of the photos.  

What we were impressed was, usually this kind of dishes are not so tasty. ( Because it is cheap. ) 
However, Hou Ten Kaku was exceptionally good !  All we ate was so good and we kept talking about coming back to the place again.  The below is the details of the restaurant.  If you have half day on some weekend, Yokohama is so close now, so try to visit China Town and go early dinner to HouTen Kaku ( After 7 p.m., there is long line... ) 

Of course, other restaurants are also nice, but we were very happy with the price and food this time !

Hou Ten Kaku
Address: Hinagata Bldg. 1& 2F,  147 Yamashita-Cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City 2310023

Open 7 days a Week 11:00 - 22:00
( Maybe Brunch is also good idea here )


Daigakuimo --- College Potato ? Glazed Sweet Potato

This is called " Daigaku Imo " in Japan, the direct translation is College Potato.  This is sweet potato , candied with sweet sugar sauce.  

There are various stories about the origin of this name.  One is " because this was favourite of poor college students " .  Another is " there used to be a cart selling this sweet potato in front of Tokyo University . " etc. etc....

Anyways, this is still popular sweet in Japan and I wanted to make it at home.  However, I didn't want to cook DEEP FRIED food at my kitchen since my kitchen will be messed with oils.... 

Then I found convenient all in one recipe at Hanamaru

Handful Sweet Potato ( as you like .....   I used 200 to 300 grams of potato )
3 big spoons of Brown Sugar 
1 tea spoon of vinegar . 
1 tea spoon of soy sauce
1 tea spoon of water 
3 big spoons of Grape Seed Oil ( I use this as vegetable oil. ) 
Black sesame seeds ( Toasted )

1.  Cut potato into big bite size.  ( You can see it in the photo ).
2.  Wash them and paper towel dry. 
3.  Put sugar, vinegar, soy sauce , water and oil into the pan.  (  I used frying pan. ) 
4.  Stir well and add cut potato into the pan.  Spread in a single layer.
5.  Cook 2 min. the first surface for 2 min. and then next surface for another 2 min..... repeat this and cook all the angles of the cut potato.  Total is 6 to 10 min.  
6.  While cooking, the sauce gets thicker and browner.  This sticky candy will  be tasty sauce !
7.  Glaze potato in the sweet sugar sauce !   Sprinkle toasted black sesame seeds over the top. 

Enjoy !  
Will write about Yokohama 's China Town tomorrow.  Look forward to it !  I have one place to recommend. 


Dinner Box

This is tonight's dinner.   Was too tired and busy to cook  dinner and went out and bought this one.  The top has deep fried oysters, rolled pork , hamburger , bean curds ( which has edamame, chopped carrots etc.) .   The bottom is steamed white rice.

The boxed dinner was good, but I need to eat more veggies tomorrow !  December is almost there.  Need to start preparing Christmas Cards and New Year Cards. 


Beautiful Pattern Book with CD ROM - copy right free

This is the sequel of Japanese Traditional Pattern Collection , which I translated into English.  

This time, the book has beautiful patterns, designs of plants and flowers.  

CD ROM is included in the book and that has these designs ( copy right free ) to be used by professionals and armatures.   

It is also nice to look at and to learn about Japanese traditional designs used for potteries and kimonos.     The publisher is Gijutsu Hyoron Sha.  


View from Mitsubishi Club in Marunouchi

There was an alumni gathering of my first job at Mitsubishi Club.  ( Right after graduation, I worked at Mitsubishi Corporation. ) 

The whole Mitsubishi area ( Near Tokyo Station ) has been re-developed ( some are still going on. ) , and we had this gathering at newly decorated Mitsubishi Club ( located in Mitsubishi Corporation Bldg. ) .  The view was magnificent.  

Simply put Butter and Soy Sauce over White Rice

I needed to organize my life a bit.  Not work, but there was some family issue to be resolved.  When you get older, things happens and you have to deal with them as many of you have experienced.

It took almost 2 weeks to come back here.  Well !  Let me write about foods and events I have been experiencing lately. 

Yesterday, there was some gathering.  Will write about it soon.
Anyways, because of that feast and wine, I wanted to eat light today.  Then suddenly I felt hungry in the afternoon.   This is easy and good if you like butter flavour.  Prepare steamed white rice.
Put some butter and 1/2 tea spoon of soy sauce !  Stir well.  Yummy butter rice is ready for you.


Chicken & Celery Rice

I forgot to add minced garlic before adding chicken and celery.  Still it tasted good !  It is quite simple.

Chopped Celery --- 1 stalk 
Chopped Chicken Thigh --- 100 grams
( Preparation:  sprinkle a pinch of salt and 1 tea spoon sake in a bowl.  Rub well. ) 
Steamed White Rice --- 1 cup
( You can adjust depending on your appetite. ) 
Salt, Pepper, Oil ( I used grape seed oil )
( Minced Garlic --- if you like.  1 tea spoon ) 

1.  Heat the pan and add oil and garlic first.
( If you don't use garlic, just go ahead for the chicken ! )
2.  Add chicken and cook till the color starts changing. 
3.  Add celery.  ( Start adding from the root part, which is the hardest.  Then the middle part , then the leaves. )  Add 2 table spoons of water to make it soupy. 
4.  When the chicken is ready and before cooking the leaves too long, add salt and pepper.
5. Pour the whole celery chicken soup over the steamed white rice ! 

That is all !   Enjoy the simple, yet healthy flavour of celery .


Co Festa --- Japan International Contents Festival

Co Festa started last Thursday.  Grand Ceremony was held at Omote Sando Hills.  Co Festa is collective name for all the content events including Tokyo International Film Festival, Game Show, CEATEC, TV Drama Award etc.....  

I have been helping some of the events and interviews at Co Festa.  

If you are in Tokyo, please visit the website.  There are many film screenings and events.

Sorry for long silence, till yesterday, it has been real hectic.  
Will write about these events later.  Thanks ! 


School Lunch --- at Public School

mmm.  Time flies.  It has been hectic.  Today, I was thinking about school lunch provided at public school. 
Before doing that, let me explain about Japanese Education System.  
Kinder garden--- Usually 2 years.  I went to Kurumi Kinder garden and I was in Grape Class. ( Each class had fruit symbol.)  Then, Elementary School is 6 years.  1st to 6 grades.  You start 1st year at the age of 6 ( or 7 ? ) .  Then Junior High School is 3 years.  Senior High School is also 3 years.  I went to public elementary school , but after that went into Anglican's private school.  So, my school lunch experience is only at elementary school.  There is no separate cafe at schools in Japan.  So, at lunch, children move the desks and make lunch time islands so that you can eat in groups.  The menu is usually ( it is my experience, so depending on the region, it should be vary.) 2 slices of bread, main dish ( such as deep fried chicken, grilled fish , curry, etc.... ) , fruit ( such as Japanese orange ) , a small bottle of milk.  When the bread is replaced by noodle or rice, children are very happy since they are tired of bread. ( The change is welcomed ! )   I was very skinny during elementary school days, so could not finish 2 slices of bread.  I remember I always put 1 slice into the plastic bag and brought it home.  After eating lunch, it was usually dodge ball time.  At Jr. high and Sr. high school, the lunch was lunch box which is cooked by mothers.  How was your lunch at schools ?  


Will Come Back Soon !

Will Come Back Soon !   Sorry for the silence.  There has been some urgent matters I had to deal with.  It is almost 2 weeks !!!  Don't worry, I am still alive.  Will try to write again soon.

Best ,


Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine --- Continued V

The left is called Oyaki.  I think it is originally from Nagano prefecture... The reason ? Because I have seen them on the highway service areas and it was usually within Nagano area.  

Also, there were three flavours.  The middle was Nozawana zuke ( pickled nozawana -- green veggie ).  It is also originally from Nagano prefecture.  The taste is like mini pancake.  I bought the one with Nozawana.... good snack !
Others were purple sweet potato and eggplant & miso paste.  ( That sounds good also).

This lady is selling Yakitori --- grilled chicken.  There were varieties.... bones, skins, thigh, wing.....I had thigh stick... 100 yen each. 

Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine --- Continued IV

I found some chocolate covered bananas.

As you can see, it is 200 yen each.

( Looks too sweet for me, so I did not try this time. )  

Yoyogi Hachiman --- Continued III

We do not eat them.  Baby gold fish is for fun scooping.  

Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine --- Continued II

These are Ramune bottles.  Ramune is just like lemon soda.  There is a small grass ball used as cap , when you drink, you push it down into the bottle.

This is something you cannot find at stores usually. 

Something special for the festivals. 
( 1 bottle was 200 yen. ) 

Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine --- Continued

The above is the main building of the shrine.  There were two lines that people were lining up to make a wish ( or to thank to the god).

You throw some coins ( or bills ) into the box prepared in front of you and make a wish.  Don't forget to ring the bell by pulling the ribbon hanging there and bow twice, clap hands twice and then pray.    

There were many people in the premises. 

Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine --- September Festival

So, I visited Yoyogi Hachiman this afternoon and checked the food stalls for you all !  It is third stop from Shinjuku station on Odakyu line ( Local , do not take Express to get off this station ).

This is Oden.... supposed to be Winter food, but it was tempting..
I had Japanese radish and Rice cake wrapped in deep fried bean curd.  The soup is also tasty.  Mustard is a must item !

These people were selling Oden.  They were also selling Yakitori --- grilled chicken. 

These lanterns have names of donors

The entrance staircase of the shrine.  


Yuzen --- After steaming, washing process

Then after that, you wash the scarf in cold water.

There, the colors come out sharper.  

How you pick the color is actually totally up to you.

Other people were coloring in different colors --- Flower - Blue, Leaves- Brown or Flower - Pink &Gray , Leaves - Green.....Their scarves were pink, blue.... So, you just follow your instinct or your creative imagination.  

After the washing, prepare  a big bath size towel and roll the fabric into it, squeeze and dry lining flat.  Wait till it dries... Will try to explain about Yuzen later.  This is the most common dyeing method for Japanese Kimono.  

Yuzen --- Colored Rose

There were other base colors also.  I picked this yellow scarf and he motif was all same, this rose.  

So, I used several different red, orange, salmon or coral pink and adjusted colors.  Same for greens.  You adjust the colors by adding water, so practically you can make unlimited colors. 

As you can see it is still wet.  There are frame like glue which stops colors from running.  After coloring, for 30 to 4o min., it was steamed to make the colors stay on the textile.  ( It is silk ). 


The other day, I tried this class , Yuzen trial.

This is the scarf I painted. ( Actually the drawing was already done.  )

Will show you how it proceeds.   


Local Shrine's Festival Season

In September, there are festivals almost every weekend in Setagaya-ward.  I guess in other cities, it is similar.

This Japanese drum march was passing by in front of my apartment this past weekend.  

There are big shrines, temples and major festivals, but these ones are small , yet the people in the community visit their local shrine.
The local shrines are considered to be protecting the area and the people living there.

At shrines, there are outdoor stalls during the festival.  They sell cotton candy, fried noodles, odenokonomiyaki( Japanese pancake) , candy apple, candy making etc. etc.   I still like to check them out, but when I was little, I loved them.  It is something special you can enjoy only during the festival.  


Otsukimi --- Harvest Moon September 13

This full moon watching is based on Lunar Calendar.  

Since I couldn't do it on 13, Was going to watch moon tonight and eat this sweet dumplings, but it is raining tonight..... moon is covered with clouds.  Oh, well, I ate the sweets anyways !!! 

The inside is bean jam.  

Breakfast --- Grape and Apple

Last night, I was going to write, but was too tired after active holidays.  ( This was long weekend in Japan.  Today is national holiday = Respect for Senior Citizens Day... I did not respect senior citizens today..... I do usually, but didn't do special thing to show resepct !  Sorry ! ) 

Lately, I have been having grape, apple, apple pear ( Japanese pear ) .  

This grape is called Pittero Bianco and you can eat its skin as well.
( Japanese traditional grape's skins are too thick and not edible. ) 


See You on Sunday !

I will be away and come back on Sunday.   It is definitely Fall here.  See you soon and please come back ! 


Tokoroten --- Cold Pasta Like Noodle Dessert

Tokoroten --- This is something you would have between lunch and dinner.... you could call it dessert...,but this is not sweet.

The pasta like clear noodle is made of sort of seaweeds....cooked and melted.  Chill it before serving.  Usually it comes in a package and they have sauce... the combination of soy sauce and vinegar.

I sprinkled powdered green laver on the top.  

It is supposed to be full of dietary fiber, so good for your intestines and resolve your constipation !
( Fortunately I don't have constipation. )  Good to remove cholesterol, good for weight loss ( because the dietary fiber and full of water  makes you feel full ) etc.etc....  

Traditional Japanese sweet shops like Japanese cafe has this " Tokoroten".  Tastes good ?
Yes, I feel it tastes good.   I would call it Summer food.  


SATC --- Our Opinion

So, I saw " Sex And The City " with girl friends.  There was another group of girl friends who went to see the movie the next day.  It seems this title is quite popular and talked about much !

Samantha , I love her sense of humour.  The Sushi scene, I laughed too much and my stomach started aching.   The scene from Mexico's hotel..... The national forest conversation.... That also killed me. 

Miranda and her husband's relationship.... it was moving.  My friends said the same thing.... after the therapy, they try to meet up again...... That scene was touching and made us feel this sort of thing happens in our life also.  

Their life style overall..... very special.  Although many of my friends are well educated , professional, still not everybody has that kind of life style.  

What attracts us so much ?  Probably men do not understand.  Their friendship.... is quite tight.
For instance, there was a scene that Carrie runs to Miranda's place when she is sad and lonely. That occurs to all of us also, when you have really good friends.  I have helped my friends like that, I have been helped like that.   

The dialogue they carry in the TV and this movies.  That sometimes make good points and make us think. ( Oh, most of us are  not like Samantha, the Sex Goddess and try to get almost all the men she meets !  Besides, she is so rich !  ) 

If you haven't seen it , enjoy !  We, girls are talking about the DVD , Pyjama night to watch the whole stories.  If you are man, try to find out the deeper meaning of each scene.  It is actually deeper than you think.  

Saury Sushi

Samma ( Saury ) is in season now.   This is sushi I bought at super market.  

Saury, Sardine.... these silver / blue fish is good for you.  

EPA, DHA etc... I heard if you eat fish 6 times a week, that is very good for you.  ( Say, there are 3 meals a day, you have 21 meals a week. ) 


Cook Books

This is my cook book shelf above the micro wave.
There are actually several more sitting on the floor in my bed room. I love all sorts of cook book and enjoy reading them.
Sometimes even in the bathroom.... It's so fun to look at them and imagine how it tastes like.... think of variation and also the nutrition combination...


Fall is Coming

I can now see many dragonflies , which is the sign of Fall. It is still sticky and the temperature is around 30 degrees centigrade. Still I can feel the wind has changed.

The food for Fall ( or Autumn ) is..... what is your image ?

Chestnut, Saury, Various Potatoes, Matsutake Mushroom ( it is like Japanese truffle ), etc...


Pumpkin & Lamb Hamburger

This was quite easy ,yet much better than I expected.
Again, this basic idea is from Hanamaru ( The TBS program's website recipe, which is lately my favorite. )

The side is brown rice and chopped tomato ( with sprinkled pinch of salt and basil leaves from my garden = plant pot. )

100 to 150 grams of Pumpkin, salt, pepper, oil ( I used grape seed oil ) , 50 grams of sliced lamb.
1. Cook pumpkin first. Put the one or two slices of pumpkin into the bowl. Microwave it with 1 or 2 table spoons of water. ( Cover it roughly with plastic wrap. ) Heat for 5, 6 min. till gets cooked enough.
2. Mash the pumpkin including the green skin part.
3. Sprinkle salt & pepper over the chopped sliced lamb. Mix the lamb into the pumpkin bowl.

4. Mix the above 3 well. Make hamburger shape.
5. Put oil into the heated pan and start cooking the pumpkin hamburger. ( For one side, I think I cooked like 5 min. or so. )
The sweetness of the pumpkin and bit salty lamb meat will melt in your mouth !
I think original recipe was sliced pork, but I found frozen lamb left over, so used it, still tasted pretty good.

Baby cats are now this Big !

They are much bigger now. Can you see the one looking at me ? He or she has pretty big eyes.


Garlic Chicken, Garlic Salad

This chicken is simple, easy and tasty.
Just pour some grape seed oil ( because lately this is my favourite ) or any oil into the pan and put some sliced garlic.
Cook the garlic till its color becomes golden brown. Take them out.
Cook Chicken ( I used thigh ) and sprinkle crazy salt ( the flavoured salt and pepper with garlic etc. ) over the chicken.
Cover the lid and wait for 5 to 10 min. depending on the size of the chicken. (Mine was small chunks this time. )
Then this salad is a hit ! Lately I found this recipe from TBS ( Tokyo Broadcasting Station's ) program " Hanamaru " .

garlic ( 1 clove ) , Soy sauce ( 3 table spoon ) , Mirin ( sweet rice wine 3 table spoon),
Some Lettuce and Tomato ( Prepare like salad in the deep dish. ) oil.

1. Put the pan over the heat.
2. Add some oil into the pan.
3. Start cooking sliced garlic in the pan. Brown them.
4. Put out the fire. Add soy sauce into the pan. Add mirin also ( Be careful bubbles will dance in the pan. )

5. Now the tasty garlic dressing is ready. Pour the dressing while it is still hot over the lettuce and tomato salad. If you are garlic lover, you will love it !

( This is not typical Japanese, but categolized it into Japanese also . )


SATC --- Sex And The City is now in Japan

Have you seen the movie ? I haven't, but I am planning to see that with my girlfriends.
It seems men do not like the TV series or the concept much. On the other hand, girls are talking about the movie a lot and excited to see that.

Well, let me write about it after seeing it. I just read the article of Newsweek on that movie.

In a way, I agree. ( The program or the movie does not give you definite answer. )
It is OK, I feel the TV series brought up the subject which nobody wanted to touch before this.

That itself is worthwhile enough, I believe.

Crispy Cream Doughnuts

This is the shop of Crispy Cream Doughnuts.
When they opened, there was a long long lines in front of the shop.

On Friday, I had business lunch. After that, I realized that this is the shop talked about a lot. There was some line, but it wasn't too long, so decided to try to buy some. They were actually quite good.

While waiting, they give you small size original glaze. Fluffy and yummy !
On Southern Terrace in Shinjuku Station. Near " Eddy Bauer " shop.


This is about 2 weeks ago. Just before the end of exhibition, since I was advised it is remarkable , I ran to the museum and saw the exhibition of World Press Photo 2008. If you have a chance to see that near your place, please do visit. Photos have strong impact.
There are categories such as nature, life, sports, art etc...
( At Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography )
I like this museum a lot. It is near Ebisu station in Tokyo. If you like photo, you will enjoy their selection. Once in a while , I check thier schedule and if I find exhibitions which interestes me, I visit them.


Fiscal Year End

Dear Readers,

Thanks for checking my blog. Well, writing a post should only take 5 mn. to 10 nin.
Writing a recipe is probably 15 min. or so. mmm, I have been busy, but probably mentally I feel overwhelmed.

There still things to follow up after my father's funeral and this is the end of my company's fiscal year and Olympic games ( ! ) and etc. etc.

I would like to thank you all who support my blog and my friends who encourage me and try to understand my situation and support me in many ways. Thank you all and I will try to write more shortly.

Latest news is........ I did ate snack this afternoon since I was too busy to have dinner and had to have a bag of junk food.......Let's see how much I gained today tomorrow morning when I weigh myself. As to the Shimokitazawa Festival, Sorry, I couldn't take any photo !


Busy Busy Week

Are you enjoying Beijing Olympic ? I do watch the games because I like it and also it is my business also.

Wow, it is already Friday tomorrow ! It's been hectic week. Sorry, I haven't written at all.

Will try to write either tomorrow or this weekend. Please come back !


Shimokitazawa --- Awaodori Festival is Coming !

If you don't have plan for the next weekend ( Friday night through Sunday night ) , try to visit Shimokitazawa. Awaodori Festival is planned. 40,000 people are expected to visit the town for this event. Enjoy Japanese Summer in Shimokitazawa's cozy atmosphere !

Ameyoko --- Enjoy Shopping !

This stall is called " Bunraku " ( I mean the name of the place we ate ) . After the walk in the park, we went to Ameyoko. Ameyoko is from Ameya Yokocho( yokocho is like row. ) There seems to be a few explanations about this naming. One is " there used be many candy ( ame ) shops here. " Another is " there are many shops handling imported products such as American products..." Sure, there are many shops selling seafood, fruits, veggies, imported goods ( from shoes, watches to perfumes ...) . It reminds me of Hong Kong's narrow streets selling all sorts of reasonable goods. It's just so fun to explore all these streets and shops.

We stopped by this small Yakitori ( grilled chicken ) stall and ordered beer, yakitori, nikomi etc....( the photo is nikomi ). There are tables and chairs on the street, you can enjoy watching people who walk by.

Ameyoko is located west side of Yamanote JR Railroad and between Ueno and Okachimachi.
When you shop, try to bargain the price. I don't really do it, but if you are tourist, maybe it is worthwhile to get cheaper price and enjoy the negotiation. The people at the shops are energetic and I gained power from them !