Kaikaya---Sea Food Restaurant in Shinsen

I had dinner with a friend of mine last night. I picked this restaurant where I hadn't visited for a while. This is Kaikaya---Sea Food Restaurant near Shinsen station.

It is casual, lively dinner place and good for friends' gathering and for casual parties. Their fish is fresh. They have all sorts of seafood menu from sashimi to creative fusion dishes.

One stop from Shibuya ( by local train ) on Inokashira-line.

We had this Mini-Sashimi plate, Crab meat wraps etc.

They have Shochu Cocktails, Sake and Wine.

It seems the place is popular among foreign people. Whenever I visit here, there are at least two , three groups of foreign people enjoying their food and service.

23-7 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Sydney Trip VII

In Sydney, I had this breakfast one morning in the hotel room.
Across from the hotel, there was a mini-mart. They have heated oven in the shop. In there, I found Mrs. Mac's Beef Pie Series.
It seems like a pie brand, so I picked this Mrs. Mac's Premium Steak Cruizer. Heavy for breakfast ? No,no, it is handy size and not heavy, besides it is yummy. I gained the power to start up the day.

Illumination at MIDTOWN --- Ocean of Lights

This is another lighting in front of Ritz Carlton.
It is spread over the field. Beautiful and Sigh.

These lightnings & decorations are art. Looking at beautiful things on streets are so nice. It is like enjoying arts for free of charge.

How is your town's Christmas ?

Christmas Tree in front of Ritz Carlton Tokyo

I had a meeting yesterday afternoon at MIDTOWN, a complex of office building, shopping mall & hotel.
This is the tree in front of RITZ CARLTON.
There were so many people in MIDTOWN.
It is getting cold in Tokyo, but this kind of festive mood is warm and I enjoy it.


Sydney Trip ( VI )

This is the bar called " Establishment". ( on George St. ) If you are in Sydney, this is probably a must to visit. A friend of mine recommended this bar before my departure, but I had forgotten. Then, despite of her busy schedule, Sarah took me there at my very last night in Sydney... Thanks to her. The bar is owned by a family who has been in Fashion industry ( it said so in some guide book ) and transformed this whole complex as entertaining bar, restaurant and club building. Cool and Stylish. Yet, comfortable and relaxing. At many of the places in Sydney, I felt prices were high, I think the main reason is the foreign exchange rate since last time I felt here that things were pretty reasonable, even cheap. ( Don't worry though, at this bar, I felt drinks were reasonable. )
I have to ask Japanese politicians and corporate managements to make stronger Japan to make stronger Yen. In any case, I had TOOHEY beer there, my favourite beer in Australia.

Cafe in Inokashira Park

This is the cafe My friend and I had a cup of coffee and green tea cake. ( Photo )

It is next to Peppermint Cafe, which is also nice, but if you are older and prefer quiet place, this smaller coffee shop is a recommendation.

I forgot the name of the place, sorry. It is near the center bridge
of the pond.

Inokashira Park Near Kichijoji

This was early December.
Leaves were changing colors.
I was brought up near this area and my school was close here.
This year, I visited this park during Cherry Blossom season and this time. Always nice and relaxing. ( Be careful though. During Cherry Blossom season, almost everywhere you try to sit, there are blue sheets with people who have kept the blocks for them. )

What is Your Image on Japanese Food ?

What is the Japanese food you can think of ??? I am wondering if I do write a story about it, what would be a good Japanese food that foreign people would be interested in ? Also, is it food ? Table manner ? Restaurant ?

I would like to hear foreign people's opinion. Please make comments here.

Food is something we eat for living, but it also involves friends gathering, family conversation,
Children's education, Entertainment, Health.... So, I feel it is actually very deep.

When we eat good food, it makes us smile before thinking. Therefore, I have great respect for people....Mothers , Fathers who cook food for their children everyday, Restaurant Chef who give power , energy and smile for the clients.....

Birthday Party for 2 Girls

This is the continuation of the birthday party for 2 girls.
After having champagne, we moved to a Mexican restaurant in
Harajuku. The food in the photo is fried pork skin and salsa.
Then the band came over and started singing for us.

It feels like being in Mexico at this restaurant.
If you are just two or three, the price could be pricey for
the food and drinks, but if you go in a group and share food
and drinks ( we ordered two pitchers of Margarita) ,
it is pretty good deal.

The room we were in for this party was smaller one.
It was cozy. Another floor downstairs is also nice, which feels like visiting courtyard of Mexican friend's.

Our group , which had British , Brazilian, Japanese and American
enjoyed their food , music and the atmosphere.

Fonda de la Madrugada
Vila Bianca B1, 2-33-12 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0001 TEL:03-5410-6288


View from Manly Ferry Port

The photo I took after the arrival at Manly Ferry Port.
I was visiting Sarah's office for the meeting.
Nice peaceful town on the beach.
30 min. ride from Sydney.


Sydney Trip ( V )

Look at this mussels. I ate all of them.
Even if you don't like fishy mussels usually, try this ! They are so fresh and don't have fishy smell. This Belgian Beer Cafe Sarah took me to is located in Rocks ( on Harrington St. ) , where you can enjoy nice decor, service and quality food. There are several flavours for mussels such as garlic, veggie etc.... I tried this broth and veggie one. Delicious. They have meat dishes and various kinds of beers.

Belgian Beer Cafe:
135 Harrington St, The Rocks NSW 2000
Phone 9241-1775, Sydney Australia


Sydney Trip ( IV )

This is St. Martin's Place right on the corner of General Post Office. There is a beautiful ( bit Summary ) Christmas Tree. Good for meeting point since there are several benches.
If you have a chance and time, check out the basement of the General Post Office.
There is a belt-conveyor Sushi counter, Sports Cafe, Nice restaurant and bar, Cheese Cellar....
Worth to check out.

Chinese Leek , Minced Beef/Pork Oyster Sauce Flavour

This is easy one.
Chinese Leek 150 - 200 g. Chopped.
Minced Beef/Pork 50 -100 g.
1 clove of Garlic. Sliced.
1 table spoon of Oyster Sauce.
Steamed Rice. Sesame Oil.
1) Put sliced garlic and sesame oil into the pan. Low heat.
2) Add meat and fry.
3) When the meat color has changed, add chopped leek into the pan. Medium heat.
4) Cook for another 3 min. then add 1 table spoon of oyster sauce.
5) Serve with steamed white rice !