Birthday Party for 2 Girls

Before I left for Sydney, there was a birthday party for 2 girls. I made three appetizers.
The left is two of them.
Orange one is sliced persimmon and blue cheese on them. Use ripe ones. Substitution suggestion is.... probably sliced sweet apples or mango.
The right is prosciutto. Inside is dried prune.
( I just wrapped the prune with prosciutto. )
I was originally going to use sweet grapes, but couldn't find it. Both these are same style, combination of salty food and sweet food.
Create your own !

Chinese Cabbage , Minced Meat in Korean Style

I don't know if it is real Korean, maybe not, but I used Korean Chilli Powder, so let me call it so. Korean Chilli, if your town has
Asian town such as Korean town or Little China, you can probably find it in a package. It is red and looks really hot, but actually it has little sweetness compared to jalapeno.
Several Leaves of Chinese Cabbage or Regular Cabbage ( Any Green Veggie can should be fine. )
A table spoon of Korean Chilli Powder ( It depends how hot you want to make it )
A clove of Garlic ( Slice it )
Minced Pork & Beef ( 70 grams or more )
Toppogi ( It is Korean Rice Cake like thing in Chalk shape. If you cannot find it, go without it.
You can serve this meal with steamed white rice. )
A sprinkle of salt, Chinese Soup Powder, White Wine ( if you have. a table spoon )
Korean Chilli Powder ( 1 table spoon or less ) , Sesame Oil
1) Cut Chinese Cabbage into small pieces.
2) Put sliced garlic and sesame oil into the pan. Medium heat.
3) Stir garlic and add minced pork & beef . ( Any meat is OK. ) Also, add Toppogi. ( if you have )
4) Add Chinese Cabbage and soup powder, salt and white wine.
5) Cover the pan with lid. Wait till it starts boiling.
6) Wait another 5 to 10 min. ( It depends how soft you want to make the veggie. )
7) Sprinkle a table spoon of chilli.
8 ) Stir for another 2 minutes.
Done ! The Chinese Cabbage tastes sweet by being steamed. Enjoy !
It is much colder in Tokyo after coming back from Sydney. This meal warms you up.

Sydney Trip ( III )

Most of the Sydney flight out of Japan is night flight, which is nice because you can use day time effectively without wasting the time for flight, yet the sleep on the flight is quite short actually with two meals. a few hours maybe ? So, I was feeling dizzy afterwards.
At night, I didn't have energy to go out and explore the area.
The dinner was this photo, Butterfly Chicken with Ginger Sauce, Jasmine Rice at the Hotel Restaurant. The sauce was pretty good.
I had a glass of Shiraz wine and went to bed...... slept over 9 hours. Sydney Trip will continue.
There are more photos, so let me upload a few at a time.

Sydney Trip ( II )

Although it is Summer, the weather was strange in Sydney. I heard this is very unusual weather for them also. The day before I arrived, they had hailstones. I saw the news and there were houses whose roofs were full of halls made from the stones.

This photo is the view from my hotel at Darling Harbour. Hazy, but still nice view. Lucky me.

Trip to Sydney ( I )

I was in Sydney for business. This is the first meal I had during the meeting. Beef pie and wedges. The beef was cooked in thick sauce and tasted good. Wedges....I learned this word this time from Sarah. I always called this type also " French Fries ". It was great to see the person after so long since we kept talking on SKYPE.
I forgot the restaurant name, but it is one of the cafe restaurant facing Darling Harbour. " Something Pie " or "Pie Restaurant".....