Veggie Plate with Jew's Marrow Creamy Soup

Whoa, it's been a month almost since I uploaded last blog !
Gee, it is scary. After I got over the cold, I have been busy catching up with things. That two week was a big loss.
Anyways, I am doing fine now. Since I haven't cooked, there is nothing in the fridge. I went to Sunday Brunch's Deli & Bakery to have breakfast. Slices of rye bread, ratatouille, creamy soup with chopped Jew's marrow. ( Why Jew ? funny ) 30 years ago, there was no Jew's marrow at Japanese stores. I don't remember when it came into our lives. It is originally from Egypt. Supposed to be good for health. mmm, I need to work this weekend, so writing this blog is a start-up for a day. There are lots to work on.
Translation, making docs for a client, planning for an event , sending company profiles to some people who asked me...... It was rainy this morning, but now birds are singing and cleared up little. Hope I can get things done as planned for today and visit my friend tonight.
Sunday Brunch Deli & Bakery is a good place to have sandwiches , light brunches.
It is hard to find this kind of place in Japan. Terrace is recommended. When it is cold, you can ask for a lap blanket.
Sunday Brunch Deli & Bakery
1F, 2-29-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan