Aspirin Origin --- White Birch ???

I think I learned before that original aspirin was made of the bark of white birch.. I checked Japanese Wikipedia..... It says " Willow" instead of white birch.... Does somebody know which is true story ???

The photo is the one I took this time, the regular aspirin you can find any drug store in the states.... like Walgreens, Duane Reade, Longs Drug Stores.... $1 to $2 a bottle. I like this design. Simple. Light. Fever goes up and down...still I can feel I'm getting better gradually.

Resting Whole Weekend

For those who read my blog, apology....I've had fever since yesterday and have been resting. I don't like taking too much medication,so I have taken aspirin tablets and orange juice some slices of pizza..... Hope I get better by tomorrow. mmmm, I am behind the schedule.... was going to work this weekend,but there is nothing I can do. The best solution is to get better.

Wait a moment, please !