Lazy Saturday

This week was busy week. I was short of sleep and recovered today. Thank god, the Monday is holiday here. So, I am going to work tomorrow and Monday to catch up.
This boiled pork and veggie salad , beer was my dinner today. It feels much better sleeping well last night.
I am also catching up with TV series today such as Prison Break, The OC.... Allow me this break.

Good Luck Kitty !

Last Saturday, I visited Ms. Fujiko Hemming's place to see the cats Ms. Sugio ,the volunteer lady saved.

This is the one who was most friendly when I was feeding for a couple of days waiting for Ms. Sugio. His or her condition was much better having taken care of. The eyes were clearer, no more coughs or sneezes. That afternoon , the kitty was going to be given to somebody lived in Nakano. Hope the life gets better for the kitty. Good Luck ! I was glad to see the kitty and say good bye.


Great Cook ! Friday Night Gathering at Friend's Place

Well, this week was busy meeting with friends.
Lucky me, I enjoyed various kinds of food.

Friday night, three of us visited a friend's place who live quite close to my area. Of course, we all had to work during day, so around 7:00 p.m. we planned to get together. The funny and pathetic story is that the beautifully embroidered my Chinese shoes literally collapsed on the way to her place. I was so miserable... also, I forgot to bring the map to her new place..... kept calling her and other people, they were probably busy chatting.... I sat on some step of some building and waited for the call.... It took me full 40 min. to get her place, if there was nothing, I could have made it within 20 min..... So, it felt great when she started serving this delicious food ! Thank you all ! Amazing thing is that she worked
and came back then quickly prepared all these delicious food with beautiful presentation.
The top is appetizer. Prochute, tomatoes, Celery, the white one is tofu, then the left is mixed Goya, Edamame, Tuna and Avocado, which was delicious !

Then risotto came with the white fish topping, then beef with grated onion sauce. ( Soy Sauce flavour )

Of course, we had drinks such as sparkling wine, white wine and red wine.

Small Home Party at My Friend's House

There were Cesar Salad, Salmon Salad, Grilled Bacon & Water chestnuts, Japanese Chicken & Burdock Rice, White wine, Red wine, Olives, Sweets etc.......
It was smaller than planned ( Total 9 people ) ,but we enjoyed eating, talking and seeing the photo show ( slide show ) of Miwako's travelling in Tanzania. One thing I should mention is that our Egyptian friend had to wait till 6:00 p.m. since he is in the period of Ramadan. We started eating feeling bad, still we could not control our hunger, he was strong enough to wait seeing us eating foods in front of him.
We learned about Ramadan from him, which was another nice thing about this party- learning different culture and lifestyle.

My Niece is Getting Exhausted !

I ran with her, played with her, wrestled with her..... last night there was small home party at my friend's house. This dog is my niece... since the host is like my sister. I know her since she was tiny little puppy. Now she is two years and 3 months old. She is healthy, lively, friendly good dog. She was so excited to meet all the people and after several hours, finally she started feeling exhausted, hey, Layla, I was so worn out by you !