Takoyaki --- Octopus Balls for Dinner

My kitchen sink has been clogged up for the past weeks. That is one reason I haven't cooked lately. Naturally, I eat at restaurants and buy food at convenience stores, which is good if it is once in a while, but not good if it last for a while. Maybe next week, I should call plumber to fix it. Today's dinner is Octopus Balls, 9 pieces of them. One was extra service since I waited for a while in the line. The ingredients are flour, octopus, tiny dried shrimp etc. The toppings are dried bonito flakes, mayonnaise, green laver. Yummy, 280 yen is good price for this volume and taste. The place is called Osaka-Ya near the railroad crossing of Shimokitazawa.

Tania Kadokura's Book

My friend , Tania published a book from Softbank Creative. It is called " Tania no Doitsu shiki Heya Zukuri " means, " Tania's 'How to make rooms in German Style '". I is not just interior book, it is also lifestyle book. She tries to have minimum things in her house since it is psychologically heavy and if it is light, you can manage things easily and simply. I think the concept is similar to Feng Shui , Zen and Ecology.
When she finds things she does not use, she gives away those to Friends or organizations. If you have a chance, please take a look. It also shows her house and her parent's place, which are both beautiful. They are not big, but there are many useful ideas which we can also take in for us who live in limited space.