Natto ( Farmented Soybean) Rice with Egg and Green Onion

If you are in big city, even in foreign country, you probably have
Japanese or Asian grocery store. Try Natto ! It is like blue cheese, smelly, but tasty and nutritious. ( Tasty.. is up to you.
Please prepare soy sauce or Yuzu flavoured vinegar soy sauce)
I put rice first, then put natto, then chopped green onion, and fresh raw egg. Finally Yuzu( Japanese lemon or lime) soy sauce
over it. Quick breakfast.


Summer Feature

There are big and small festivals during this season in Japan. Fireworks events, local events....

At festivals, there are many stalls selling things such as the photos. Yo-yo scooping, Goldfish Scooping and food stalls..

When I was small, these were a part of fun things which I got so excited.


Sometimes...... Convenient Breakfast

Sometimes, I buy this kind of breakfast at convenience store.
This was yesterday's breakfast. Sandwich and Orange juice.
Busy morning or lazy morning, this kind of combination is quick and good. This convenience store is 2 min. from my place.

Lunch at Kiyosato Early Bird Golf Club

So, this is the lunch I had last Sunday.
Croquette set meal. ( rice, miso soup, japanese pickles etc... with a glass of beer !) .
There were two young foreigners working in the restaurant. The waiter at our table was French boy. We should have asked him why he was working there. ( Such a mountain resort.... it is beautiful area, still I wondered. Maybe he was a golf player !?? )
Kiyosato Early Bird Golf Club's contact is in my previous blog.


Kiyosato Early Bird Golf Club

This is the view from the middle of the golf course. Last weekend, four of us went to this golf club. Nice course with ups and downs. Great view. The only thing we couldn't have was the bath.
We had to visit Kiyosato Grace Hotel to take a bath. Early Bird Golf Club gave us the discount ticket, which made the price from 500 yen to 400 yen. Oh,if you need a towel, you need to pay extra 100 yen, all the shampoo, conditioner, body soap is there.
It was hot, but compared to Tokyo, the weather was much cooler.
When we started playing, it was cold actually. Then it became sunny, little shower, got cloudy....got very hot...we experienced all the variety. We were lucky though , for when we finished taking a bath, it was raining cats and dogs. We waited in the lobby of Kiyosato Grace Hotel.
Kiyosato Early Bird Golf Club:
TEL: 0267-98-5070