Saikontan Marche's Best Selling Pudding

This is the best pudding I have ever had.
mmmm, yummy------.
If you see Saikontan Marche's Green Car, please buy one and try it!

Marche --- Saikontan --- Moving Stall

Saikontan Marche has several routes in Yokohama area and stop for sales for 20 min. , 30 min. ...
Not only veggies, they sell seasonings ,meats, desserts as well.

Marche--- Saikontan --- Moving Stall Selling Veggies etc.

If you are in Yokohama Area, you are lucky.
Last week, I visited them and learned their service. They have 4 tracks visiting apartment complexes and others. They sell local veggies and selected foods. Their food is safe, natural and tasty.
I categorize their service for " Trend" since we are now keen on safety of food.

Newly Born Kitty

This adorable kitty got frozen when he or she saw me. " Don't be scared ! I'm not gonna eat you! ". Since it was soooo cute, I photographed him or her. Very tiny kitty on the street near Shin Daita station.

Koya- Hong Kong Dining

This restaurant serves tasty spicy noodle soup. (Shown left bottom).
This Ladies Lunch Set was 890 yen.

Chinese Tea ( there are selections.
I chose Jasmine Tea ) , little veggie,
steamed Chimaki ( served in the basket like container ) , selection of

noodle soup ( I chose the spiciest one, called Oni = Devil Tantan men ). The dessert , almond jelly is also included. The chimaki is seasoned just right ! In the rice,
there are small shrimp, pork etc and it is wrapped in lotus leaf which smells good. When I finished eating, I ' m sure I was smiling feeling happy !

10 seconds from ShinDaita Station ( Inokashira-line ).
TEL: 03-3418-0862
5-29-8 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Open: Everyday, 11:30-23:30

They have good Chinese wine and tea also. A la carte menu is also a must to try.

Hiyamugi with stir fried Chinese Chive , Tomato and Pork

This is good for Summer lunch when you got tired of classic Hiyamugi or Somen. Hiyamugi and Somen are similar, they are almost like sisters. Hiyamugi is little thicker then Somen and the ingredients are same as Udon noodle.
Wheat flouer and water. Usually ( I will try to show you later in the blog ) it is served cold.
I used Saikontan Marche's pork for this.
Their pork is delicious!
I made it like pasta.
100 grams sliced pork rib, 1 tomato, some chives.
seasoning soy sauce, sesame oil.
1. First, bring water to boil. Cook Hiyamugi. ( just like pasta. About 8 min. )
2. In another frying pan, put a table spoon of sesame oil.
3. Stir fry pork, then add cut tomato, chives.
4. pour some seasoning soy sauce ( mentsuyu= sauce for noodles ) . I would say, half cup.
5. When Hiyamugi is done, wash it with streaming cold water.
6. Put Hiyamugi into the plate or bowl.
7. Place the cooked pork, tomato and chives with the sauce over the Hiyamugi.
It tastes good and healthy ! Depending on your taste, you can add grated ginger, Yuzu kosho,
chili pepper etc.

Obon --- The ancestors' visit to this world

I found this on the corner in front of my neighbor's gate.
This is to welcome the ancestors' spirit to this world.
In Japan, usually obon is around August 15. Many offices and factories are closed for Summer vacation so that people can visit their home town. August 15 and that week is also called obon yasumi(= obon holidays ) . This family must have set July 15 as Obon instead of August. The gap came from lunar calender basis or new calender basis. Anyways, around Obon , it is said that your ancestors visit you and the cucumber and egg plant ( in the left photo ) with legs like chopsticks are substitute horses ( or something they can ride on ) to come to this world. There are some dumplings and veggie basket as offerings.