Grilled Samma ( Saury ) Rice Bowl and Green Pepper Lunch

Saury Rice Bowl:
Canned saury and rice has become my recipe lately.
Canned saury is usually about 100 to 150 yen.
Put on rice ( if the rice is hot enough, you don' have to heat up
the saury) , sprinkle some Sansho ( Chinese Pepper ) over it.
Green Pepper Ohitashi ( Boiled ) :
Today, I put some sesame oil in the pan first. ( You don' have to )
Add sliced green pepper in it. Cook for 3 minutes.
Add some water and Mentsuyu
( bottled noodle soup is fine. ) . Cook for 7 minutes. Sprinkle grated sesame seeds.
I added some rakkyo for menu. The above was today's lunch.

Japanese Peach

I had fried calamari ( snack sold at convenience store) and beer before going to bed last night. My stomach was bit heavy....
This was my breakfast today. Juicy peach.


Okinawa's Longevity Secret --- Okinawan Dining

Although Okinawa is a part of Japan, it is closer to Taiwan and
their food is much influenced by Taiwan or Chinese, I feel.
In any case, it is not just healthy, it is tasty. I will show you some typical Okinawan Food here. ( Left/the yellow thing on the top is grated ginger. ) Jiimami Tofu:One of my favorite. Jiimami Tofu is made of peanuts. The texture is similar to Bavarian Cream.

( Left ) Goya Champru:
I'm not sure if my spelling is right. Please correct me if you know it. I sometimes cook this at home. Fried Goya ( bitter gourd)
with egg and pork.

( Left ) Mozuku Tempura:
I had it for the first time. It was good ! I often eat mozuku,
but Okinawa's mozuku is thicker. Mozuku is sort of seaweed.
It is noodle like deep olive green thing. The slight smell of ocean
and fluffy and crunchy texure. Best match !

( Left ) Umibudo= Ocean Grapes:
Tiny grape or seed like things. The texture.... You have to try it.
Flavourless ( except for ocean's smell ), yet I like it. To be enjoyed with soy sauce or soy sauce and vinegar. mmmm, one of the things
I always order at Okinawan restaurant.

I forgot the name of this dessert. Made of purple red potato.
It is sweet potato's cousin like one. I think this potato is often seen in southern countries. Probably Ube in Philippines. ( By the way, I love Ube ice cream ! ) These balls were deep fried and and the surface is sesame. Yum !
Kaishin :
Kaishin I
Ioya Bldg. 1F, 3-8-5 Shinjuku , Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3358-1353
Kaishin II
Yoshikawa Bldg. 2F, 3-8-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3355-5183
A friend took me to Kaishin II this time. I think II is little bigger.
If you are in a group, II is probably better. It seems quite popular.
Reservation is recommended. ( After 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. it was so crowded. )


Hohzuki Ichi Market

I realized that today and tomorrow " Hohzuki Ichi ( Mouth Cracker Market) is being held in Asakusa. This is one of the seasonal event in Tokyo. I remember I visited this with my parents when I was still small.

At the market, there are over 200 stalls you can check out. Mostly selling this plants ,but there are other shops such as souvenir shops, wind bell shops etc. It is said if you visit Sensoji Temple on these festival days ( July 9 and 10 ), it is worth that you visit 46000 days = 127 years !!!

If you are in Tokyo and wonder where to go, this could be a choice.

Okinawan Glasses

Tomorrow I will write about Okinawan Food I had this weekend.

While you are waiting, please enjoy these pretty glasses from Okinawa. These are called Ryukyu
glass. ( Okinawan Glasses )

It is said people started making these glasses using the bottles of cola and beer. There were many used empty bottles near U.S. base.

It is popular now for souvenir.

New Apartment -- not mine

On July 1, I was invited to a friend's new place. She bought a nice apartment in nice area.
I always love to visit somebody's place and her place was cool ! Very well made with her

sophisticated sense of decor, I was bit jealous to be honest. In Japan, buying an apartment

is incredibly expensive. I shouldn't be jealous too much. Instead I should celebrate her new acquisition ! For, she made such a nice feast for me ! Cake was from some shop, but all other food was cooked by her. Color pepper's soup, Zucchini Gratin, Bread and Salad, Pasta with meatball. They were all delicious. And still the best part was the conversation with her.