Japanese Tea Salon in Ginza

This is another hectic Saturday today. I'm still working.
Well, it is OK. I should concentrate on work and finish before midnight. So, just one blog today.
This is nice, peaceful tea salon I found in Ginza this week.
The first floor is flower shop, yet as you can see in the photo,
they are selling green plants and wildflowers.

The tea salon is on the second floor. There is a center table
which is made from wooden door. Other than that, there are
several seats. Small place. It is also like a gallery, you can enjoy their flower organs, vases etc. I ordered Matcha ( green tea served at tea ceremony ) and monaka( Kuya brand , which is
top brand ) set. Monaka is like wafers, the outer shell is made of rice cake. The inner jam-filling is AN ( sweet bean jam ).

If you are tired from shopping or window shopping in Ginza, Please try this tranquil space.

No no Hana ( the flower of the field ):

Located behind Matsuya Department Store.
3-7-21 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0061


Bara Chirashi Sushi

This is another kind of sushi. I think it looks like a jewelery box. On the rice, there are various kinds of ingredients such as salmon caviar, fried egg, sashimi etc....
I allowed myself to eat this jewels since it was hectic day and skipped lunch. I was too lazy to prepare separate plate, so just poured some
Yuzu Soy sauce ( Lately my favorite is YUZUKA
from Kikkoman ) over it.
This was my lunch and dinner at 5:00 p.m.

Irish Pub --- Paddy Foley's

If you miss pub in Tokyo, this is the good place to have a pint of Guinness, shandygaff etc...
Located in the basement of convenient ROI ROPPONGI building,
the people in the pub ( left ) give you heartwarming service.
Last night I went with a group and enjoyed talking with them.

The people of the group are nice and kept talking. The beer and the talk made all of us closer. Thanks to Paddy Foley's.
Paddy Foley's:
TEL: 03-3423-2250

Business Gathering

Last night, there was a business gathering at Vietnamese restaurant in Roppongi. The dinner was course menu with
all you can drink ( beer, wine, cocktail... ) .
We occupied two round tables in a private room and had good time for three hours. Afterwards, we moved to Irish Pub.
The decor is stylish Asian and it is close from Roppongi station.
I should have taken more photo.

The gathering was started by a charming Japanese lady who I respect and we exchanged the information and discussed the business and give advices to one another. This is truly encouraging.

Vietnamese Restaurant Cyclo:
Piramide Bldg 1F, 6-6-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0032
TEL: 03-3478-4964


Saturday Night Wine

I worked on the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. It is OK, but wanted to have some drink Saturday night. I worked till 8:00 p.m. then Nahoko came over to my area and we had beer and red wine( two carafes ). We enjoyed catching up with each other and had good chitchat. Well, another week to go !