Dassai --- A good sake ( Japanese Rice Wine )

Last night, I had some Dassai--- good sake from Yamaguchi Prefecture. Especially that was Dassai, Daiginjou, it was soooo good ! It has floral scent. Jazzy flavor tastes bit like some white wine.

I checked who is making it. Asahi Shuzou is the maker.
It was Junmai Daiginjou, that means more than 50% of brown rice has been polished and taken out for best reults. That is luxury sake. Other ingredients are only malted rice and water.
If you have any chance, please try Junmai Daiginjou. Served cold.

Pasta with Mentaiko ( spicy cod roe )

This is already Japanese classic and coommon menu at both home and restaurants.

Spicy cod roe, 2 - 3 table spoons
Shiso no ha ( Japanese basil )
Dried lavor seaweed , some
Butter 1 table spoon, Olive oil 1 table spoon
Pasta 1 serving
1) Bring water to boil. 2) put the pasta. Boil for required minutes. 3) Heat another pan.
4) Put the pan over low heat and put the butter into it. 5) Put Spicy cod roe, stir.
6) When the pasta is done, pull out the pasta and put them into the pan with butter and cod roe.
7) Stir and pour olive oil over it. Mix well. 8) Sprinkle shiso and seaweed on the top.

At Ango --- Continued

Atsuage ( deep fried tofu) with grated Japanese radish, grated ginger and bonito flakes on the top.
The outside ( golden brown skin) is crunchy and inside is tofu itself. Ginger and radish is the key to add good flavor when you put this into the mouth. Put some soy sauce.

At Ango ---Continued

Deep fried Mehikari, which lives at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Me is eye, hikari is light. Because this fish has blue green
eyes glowing in the dark. Light yet savory taste. Texture is
tender. Served with ponzu and momijioroshi ( grated radish andchilli pepper) . It made us want to have sake and shochu.

Dining Out---Shimokitazawa

The entrance of Ango, a Japanese restaurant located in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. A light with ittle rabit design , unfortunately you cannot see it clearly on this photo.
The atomosphere is casual, the people are little older than the ones of other restaurants in this town. ( Shimokitazawa is rather
young people's town since there are several schools nearby.)
Serving foods which go well with Sake, Shochu etc.
Tel: 03-5430-6220
2F, 2-12-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 155-0031


Business Dinner at French Bistro

Last night was business gathering. The restaurant was French bistro. We enojed beers, wines and deslicious food such as this photo ( grilled lamb--tender !), ratatouille, sandwiches, carpaccio etc. Black ones are potatoes. Delicacy.
Tel: 03-5440-1125
2F, 2-14-4 Azabu Juban , Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Indonesian Lunch

Rice w/ Prawn cooked in coconut cream .

Creamy red sauce is little spicy and also sweet.
Prawns are big and fresh. This lunch was 950 yen including the dessert ( shown in the photo )
soup and Balinese coffee.
I enjoyed lunch and also chatting with my friend
who I hadn't seen for a while.
Jembatan Merah, Akasaka:
Tel: 03-3588-0794
B1, 3-20-6 Akasaka, Minato-Ku. Tokyo

Lunch Box from Convenience Store

This is yesterday's lunch. I didn't have time much,so went to convenience store and pick this up. Inarizushi(fried bean-curd stuffed with boiled rice) and Futomaki(vinegared rice wrapped in a sheet of dried laver with various ingredients in the center ) .

Buckwheat Tea

Today was so hot. I bought this buckwheat tea. Buckwheat has rutin in it and it is supposed to strengthen capillary wall and also cleanse blood. It is hard to describe the flavor...something like toasted wheat !? I like it anyways.

Sara Sara SOBA Cha by ITO EN , Ltd.


Today's Breakfast

Just a salad ? Yes. The dressing was Japanese.


Yuzupon or Yuzu flavored vinegar (soy) sauce 2 table spoons
Olive oil or grape seed oil 1 table spoon

Mix the above. Pour over the salad. Enjoy !

Natto ( Farmented Soybeans ) with Collagen

See me if I look still young in five years from now !!?
Natto is one of the traditional Japanese food, but this natto
is little different since it includes collagen.
According to the food maker, in natto, the collagen elements are
broken into smaller moleculer architecture. That means the collagen will be absorbed more smoothly into our body.
It tastes good and if I don't know that, I cannot tell the difference.
Okame Natto's Farmented Collagen Natto by Takanofoods Co., Ltd.

Mango ( Marmalade) Jam Chiken

You can use mango jam or marmalade for this.
Any chiken part is good. I used chiken wings this time.


Chiken Wing 5
Mango Jam 4 table spoons
Soy Sauce 3 table spoons
Mastard 2 tea spoons
Honey 2 tea spoons
Butter 1 table spoon
Salt . Pepper and Flower

1) Rub salt and pepper into the chiken wings. Dredge them into flower.

2) Put butter into the heated pan. Brown them.

3) While waiting, mix mango jam, soy sauce, mastard and honey in a bowl.

4) When the chiken wings are brown, pour 3) over them.

5) Dress chiken wings with the sauce and bring it to the boil. ( low heat since it tends to get
burned. ) Wait for a minute or two.

Enjoy ! Delicious ! Not typical Japanese, but I don't care.


Lohas Design Award 2007

Today was the last day of Lohas Design Award 2007, held in Shinjuku. There were several booths.... not much compared to
the one I visited at Earth Day 2007. Is this because of last day ?
In any case, My friend and I enjoyed exposing ourselves to the sun in Shinjuku Gyoen, which made us feel like being in Central Park in N.Y. Did you know that one convenience store's power consumption is equivalent to 51 households ?

Lunch in Korean Town

Today's lunch was Bibimbap ( rice mixed with seasoned vegitables in Korean style ) at Hallelujah in Shimohkubo. ( right next to Shinjuku) Halleujah is located on close alley. I had heard about it before, but have never tried it. The service is good enough. The food was great and the portion was huge by Japanese standard.

While we were waiting , draft beer and kimchi soothed our hunger.Spicy kimchi is said to help maintaining fair and smooth skin, is that true ?

This lunch was so big. I don't think I need dinner tonight.

Hallelujah: Tel. 03-3200-0112

1F, Shirahagi-Bldg. 1-5-6 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku -Ku,

Tokyo 169-0073