What is Your Image on Japanese Food ?

What is the Japanese food you can think of ??? I am wondering if I do write a story about it, what would be a good Japanese food that foreign people would be interested in ? Also, is it food ? Table manner ? Restaurant ?

I would like to hear foreign people's opinion. Please make comments here.

Food is something we eat for living, but it also involves friends gathering, family conversation,
Children's education, Entertainment, Health.... So, I feel it is actually very deep.

When we eat good food, it makes us smile before thinking. Therefore, I have great respect for people....Mothers , Fathers who cook food for their children everyday, Restaurant Chef who give power , energy and smile for the clients.....


Bill said...

Dear Always Eating

How nice to read so many recent posts from you. I enjoy them all. I like to read about your meals and love learning about new dishes and ingredients which are uniquely Japanese. Write about what interests you and everyone will enjoy reading it!

best wishes, Bill in Ireland

alwayseating said...

Dear Bill,

Thanks for the comment.
OK, I will try to pursue my food venture. I am thinking about writing some stories focusing onto some foods. Among the movies, I like " Sideways ( wine ) " and " Chocolat " , " Mostly Martha " are the ones I like. Have you seen them ?