Sydney Trip ( VI )

This is the bar called " Establishment". ( on George St. ) If you are in Sydney, this is probably a must to visit. A friend of mine recommended this bar before my departure, but I had forgotten. Then, despite of her busy schedule, Sarah took me there at my very last night in Sydney... Thanks to her. The bar is owned by a family who has been in Fashion industry ( it said so in some guide book ) and transformed this whole complex as entertaining bar, restaurant and club building. Cool and Stylish. Yet, comfortable and relaxing. At many of the places in Sydney, I felt prices were high, I think the main reason is the foreign exchange rate since last time I felt here that things were pretty reasonable, even cheap. ( Don't worry though, at this bar, I felt drinks were reasonable. )
I have to ask Japanese politicians and corporate managements to make stronger Japan to make stronger Yen. In any case, I had TOOHEY beer there, my favourite beer in Australia.

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