Once in a a while --- McDonald's

Once in a while I get this sudden urge to eat hamburger of McDonald's. Yesterday, I had this BIG MAC. I don't remember if this size here is smaller than other countries'. This was 390 yen and the ginger ale was 100 yen. So, total is 490 yen which is equivalent to 4 US dollars or 2.5 British pound.
I almost ordered MEGA MAC, but was not sure if I could finish it.
So didn't challenge it this time. It looked like MEGA MAC had 4 pieces of beef pate. mmm. Next time. Anyways, I go to McDonald's like once every 2, 3 months. It is good to have it once in a while. I remember when I had In & Out hamburger in San Diego since it was sooooo good. Handmade ones are much better with juicy taste. Still, this kind of fast food is also convenient and good to have once in a while. Lately, it seems they are trying to make healthier impressions by having salad menus. Well, it is nice, but if I want to have real healthy menu, I would go to somewhere else or cook at home.

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