Chinese Cabbage , Minced Meat in Korean Style

I don't know if it is real Korean, maybe not, but I used Korean Chilli Powder, so let me call it so. Korean Chilli, if your town has
Asian town such as Korean town or Little China, you can probably find it in a package. It is red and looks really hot, but actually it has little sweetness compared to jalapeno.
Several Leaves of Chinese Cabbage or Regular Cabbage ( Any Green Veggie can should be fine. )
A table spoon of Korean Chilli Powder ( It depends how hot you want to make it )
A clove of Garlic ( Slice it )
Minced Pork & Beef ( 70 grams or more )
Toppogi ( It is Korean Rice Cake like thing in Chalk shape. If you cannot find it, go without it.
You can serve this meal with steamed white rice. )
A sprinkle of salt, Chinese Soup Powder, White Wine ( if you have. a table spoon )
Korean Chilli Powder ( 1 table spoon or less ) , Sesame Oil
1) Cut Chinese Cabbage into small pieces.
2) Put sliced garlic and sesame oil into the pan. Medium heat.
3) Stir garlic and add minced pork & beef . ( Any meat is OK. ) Also, add Toppogi. ( if you have )
4) Add Chinese Cabbage and soup powder, salt and white wine.
5) Cover the pan with lid. Wait till it starts boiling.
6) Wait another 5 to 10 min. ( It depends how soft you want to make the veggie. )
7) Sprinkle a table spoon of chilli.
8 ) Stir for another 2 minutes.
Done ! The Chinese Cabbage tastes sweet by being steamed. Enjoy !
It is much colder in Tokyo after coming back from Sydney. This meal warms you up.

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