Keihan --- Amami Oshima's rice soup with chicken

I just realized another week passed so fast and hadn't written for a week. Tonight's dinner was ready-made KEIHAN, which is Amami Oshima ( Southern island near Okinawa ) 's food. It is said that local people made this to treat Clan Officials.
Shredded chicken, egg, green onion etc . with rice and soup. Good for tired stomach !
There are much more food pics, but for tonight, just put this photo.
Amami Oshima belongs to Kagoshima-Prefecture,but it was sometimes ruled by Ryukyu ( Former Okinawa ) . So, their culture is influenced by both Kagoshima and Okinawa. If you have a chance, please visit. In a way, it is similar to Okinawa, but something is different.
There is also an art museum of Isson Tanaka. His drawings is very accurate and has tropical and some Western flair. That is probably why he was not well accepted by main stream people back in those days. I don't do diving lately, if you are a diver, it is also a great place for that.
Another attraction is to see pongee fabrics. Its color is subdued mud, brown gray. Elegant and quality products.

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