Vietnamese Pho at Food Stall in Sangenjaya

Today, I needed to go to Sangenjaya. 15 min. by bus from Shimokitazawa. It is also close to Shibuya. The atmosphere of this town is similar to Shimokitazawa , yet little bigger. I like its casual atmosphere and reasonable prices at shops. I had nice Vietnamese Pho at this food stall today. Late lunch around 3:00 p.m. Delicious Soup. The photo is the one I ordered -- Beef & Veggie Pho. The coriander and basil added ethnic flavour to this Asian rice noodle soup. Bean sprouts was fresh and light.
The price was less than 600 yen. The detailed contact is not available. ( It is small place and they probably don't have phone. ) Almost right on the corner of the Sangenjaya intersection.


D said...

Pho! This reminds me of my first dining in Hanoi. At the small dark corner of Old Hanoi,8 P.M. There's a tiny open-air pho stall organized by a woman.I sat on one of the so tiny plastic low chairs and tried chicken soup pho. Herb topping for free,sliced Asian lime for free.Illuminated with small orange light,the stall was filled with warm atmosphere. I couldn't speak Vietnamese,but all guests of that stall were so kind !This impression set my image of Hanoi and Pho.
If the restaurant reserve a small plastic chair for me,I'll visit Sangen-chaya soon (^^;

alwayseating said...

Dear D,

Yes, when I went to Vietnam, I enjoyed it at local market's food stall, also. I love their food !
Corriander and other local ingredients are delicately mixed with French taste. yummmmmmy.