ROUKALA LOKKI ( Kamome Shokudou )

No major accident, murder, love in this story. Sachie who owns and runs small Japanese restaurant in Helsinki , Finland is the main character. Joining her is two Japanese women, one is Midori, who looks lonely and confused first, but gradually shows her drawing talent and sweetness supporting Sachie. Then, Masako, middle aged sincere woman shows up saying her luggage has been lost on the way. Masako also starts helping Sachie. In relaxing Helsinki, Masako also finds comfort although she doesn't speak any of the local language.

According to Sachie, Onigiri - rice ball- is the soul food of Japanese people. When people are tired, confused, Sachie makes Onigiri and serves them. Sachie seemed to be independent, strong woman, but in a way, she has been stubborn. With Midori's support, Sachie is changing also.

The story does not describe much of the history of those women, yet you can sense each of them has own history and came to Finland. It is superb movie for adults. Especially women.

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