Lazy Saturday

This week was busy week. I was short of sleep and recovered today. Thank god, the Monday is holiday here. So, I am going to work tomorrow and Monday to catch up.
This boiled pork and veggie salad , beer was my dinner today. It feels much better sleeping well last night.
I am also catching up with TV series today such as Prison Break, The OC.... Allow me this break.


Daizo said...

"Tough" da-nee-----(^^;
It's still hot even at the end of Sept. in Tokyo, but I feel good at chilly nights.Chill of nights are very important to make Sanma-fish( Brevoort) more tasty in Japan,aren't they? And chil is better than humidity for better sleeping, especially for a metabo-guy like me.
An exhibition of a legend architect "Le corbusier" will be closed on this coming Monday.
We'll visit that on Sunday,and I hope you could also visit.

alwayseating said...

Hi Daizo,

It is crazy weather, I can't believe that this is almost the end of September. Global warming... yes, it feels better at night. I haven't been to museums lately. Enjoy ! I don't think I can make it this weekend. Thanks for the information !