Great Cook ! Friday Night Gathering at Friend's Place

Well, this week was busy meeting with friends.
Lucky me, I enjoyed various kinds of food.

Friday night, three of us visited a friend's place who live quite close to my area. Of course, we all had to work during day, so around 7:00 p.m. we planned to get together. The funny and pathetic story is that the beautifully embroidered my Chinese shoes literally collapsed on the way to her place. I was so miserable... also, I forgot to bring the map to her new place..... kept calling her and other people, they were probably busy chatting.... I sat on some step of some building and waited for the call.... It took me full 40 min. to get her place, if there was nothing, I could have made it within 20 min..... So, it felt great when she started serving this delicious food ! Thank you all ! Amazing thing is that she worked
and came back then quickly prepared all these delicious food with beautiful presentation.
The top is appetizer. Prochute, tomatoes, Celery, the white one is tofu, then the left is mixed Goya, Edamame, Tuna and Avocado, which was delicious !

Then risotto came with the white fish topping, then beef with grated onion sauce. ( Soy Sauce flavour )

Of course, we had drinks such as sparkling wine, white wine and red wine.

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