Good Luck Kitty !

Last Saturday, I visited Ms. Fujiko Hemming's place to see the cats Ms. Sugio ,the volunteer lady saved.

This is the one who was most friendly when I was feeding for a couple of days waiting for Ms. Sugio. His or her condition was much better having taken care of. The eyes were clearer, no more coughs or sneezes. That afternoon , the kitty was going to be given to somebody lived in Nakano. Hope the life gets better for the kitty. Good Luck ! I was glad to see the kitty and say good bye.


Daizo said...

And surprised! Did you meet Ms.Heming? Actually I don't think she's one of the great pianist but a kind of a "media-made" one. How do you think? By the way,we recently meet a kitty on our way home from a bus stop.It is Mi-ke,young and pretty.

alwayseating said...

No, I did not see her. Full of cats, though. I know some people in the music industry have similar opinion. Yet, I like some of her performance and if I like it, I don't care how other people evaluate her. Especially after reading about her tough life, her history itself gives me a power.