A Friend Passed Away

Yesterday, sad news arrived. A friend of mine who I have known for over 12 years passed away. He was sick for a while, but this sudden death was something nobody expected.
Later today, there will be a wake ( the first night ceremony to mourn the death) at a temple.
I am going to attend that.


Daizo said...

This would be a personal note not to forget his death. I try to recommend you to see the picture of J.W.M.Turner
"Peace-Burial at Sea"to share your sadness with you through watching this one.

Daizo said...





Cazzie!!! said...

I know you will be ok. Remember the great times you shared as friends...life is richer with good friends past and present :)

D said...

I'll introduce a good poem for the people left behind .Perhaps you already know.
"Tomorrow never comes" by Ms.Norma Marek

alwayseating said...

Daizo, Cazzie and D,

Thanks for all the thoughtfull and comforting words. It was sad to gather with friends at this kind of sad occasion. Still, we were glad that we could say good-bye together. At Otsuya-night ( the wake ) , we had sushi, other dishes and beer and put the same in front of his photo. Good memories will last in our hearts.