Nigai, Basashi, Nasu-no-Agebitashi --- Yamanashi Food

We had this dinner at local restaurant after practicing golf.
( The funny thing is we all felt golf balls were lighter and flew
much further than Tokyo. We were saying because of altitude
of Kobuchizawa..... is it so ? )
Anyway, the top left is Nigai....cooked abalone in soy sauce.
Yamanashi prefecture is not facing any ocean. Surrounded by
other prefectures. Therefore, seafood had to be carried by horses in old days.

In order to avoid spoiling the precious seafood, they soaked this abalone into soy sauce. What happened was the abalone on the horse back was cooked perfectly with the body heat of the horse.
When the horse arrived into Yamanashi prefecture, the abalone turned to a delicacy. Since then it is called Nigai ( cooked shellfish) . Yes, it was tender and flavourful.

The middle one is Basashi.... horse meat sashimi. It has chewy texture and beef like juicy flavor. This was served with grated

ginger, but sometimes it is served with grated garlic. It feels I
got power from the meat.

The bottom is deep fried eggplant with grated ginger and soy sauce. Their local eggplant had natural strong flavor, different from what we eat in the city. Something like....power from the earth.

Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but when you exit Kobuchizawa Exit of Chuo Freeway, turn left. The first restaurant on your left is this place. Good luck !

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