Cat Woman

Since then I have been a cat woman. I mean I have been helping this volunteer lady who tries to rescue the kittens. Thursday, she captured three of them. She immediately took them to the veterinarian and got the medicines for the babies. They are doing fine. Today, she and I captured the last kitten. Compared to the first three, this one was so scared of us and panicked.
The mom looked worried and came up to the cage, but she didn't try to fight against us. mmm, we tried to explain what we were doing,but there is no language between us..... we just hoped that we can capture the mom at some point in the future and take her also to the doctor to fix sterilization in order to avoid too much reproduction. Then, she will see all her children at the lady's place.


Vicky said...

I found your blog by accident today. It looks very interesting, so I will look again sometime. I'm especially interested in the recipes!

I was interested to read that you are helping the stray cats. I live in Nakan-ku in Tokyo, and we also had the same kind of situation in our neighborhood. We had two parent cats and four kittens, and a volunteer helped to catch them all. The two adult cats were sterilized, and the kittens all found homes.

That was three years ago. One kitten lives inside my house now, and until a few days ago, the two adult cats lived happily outside in our neighborhood. Many people looked forward to seeing them (petting them and feeding them) everyday. But on Monday, we found that one of the cats had died, maybe from eating poison...we are still very sad.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you are helping to capture the kittens to find homes for them, and I hope you can catch the mother cat too. If she is sterilized, she won't have any more kittens to try to feed, and I hope she'll live a good life in your neighborhood.

If you are interested, you can see our cats on my blog:

alwayseating said...

Hi Vicky, Thanks for the comment and I am sorry it took a while to get back to you. It's been hectic lately and I am surprised that I haven't updated my blog for almost two weeks now !? Let me see your cats, I will check your blog. Yes, all the babies are taken care of by the lady and the mother was sterilized and now she is the cat of the opposite house. ( The family decided to take her !!!)

The funny thing is all the cats are gone, then new cats ( they look older and bigger ) came to this area almost like they think we have some food for them. I wonder if there is word-of-mouth in cats' world.....