Saikontan Marche's Best Selling Pudding

This is the best pudding I have ever had.
mmmm, yummy------.
If you see Saikontan Marche's Green Car, please buy one and try it!


sim said...

came across your blog today,
uhu, interesting :-)

i will try some soon.

from kagoshima

alwayseating said...

Dear sim,

Thanks for your comment.
Kagoshima has various good food , I believe.

Bill said...

Dear Always Eating

Thanks very much for your website. A simple idea well done with lovely photos. I read every post and look forward to seeing more. Please keep up the good work!

best wishes from Ireland

alwayseating said...

Dear bill,

Thanks for your comments.
Will try my best to keep introducing food and lifestyle out of Japan.