Midsummer Day of the Ox

Today is Midsummer Day of the Ox. The Ox day during this period is determined based on Chinese philosophy of Nature. We eat grilled eel on this day to get over the heat and stay healthy. This idea was invented by Gennai Hiraga who is doctor, writer, painter of Edo era.
It is said an eel shop owner visited Gennai Hiraga to get advice to sell more eel and Gennai Hiraga suggested to set this day as eel eating day.

I missed eel tonight and should have it sometime within this week. Eel gives you vitamin B which is effective to keep your energy during this energy consuming period.

I have little fever since yesterday. Don't worry, I had fun over the weekend playing golf .... maybe tired from that. Will sleep well tonight and make tomorrow more productive day. Good night.

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