Marinated Octopus & Melon

Mr. Takemura , my neighbour gave me this succulent melon and this was the dessert for the dinner.

The main dish ( without rice or pasta---I didn't want to eat much)
was marinated octopus & celery. ( If you have cucumber, it is recommended to add to this recipe.)

How to make marinated octopus :
Cut octopus into bite size, pour boiled hot water over it. ( to clean
and half cook ). Cut cucumber and celery into bite size. Mix them well. Sprinkle salt & pepper
over them. Pour 3 spoons of white wine vinegar, 2 spoonful olive oil. Again, mix well. Wait for 10 minutes. ( If you put it into the fridge, that is even better. ) Enjoy the marinade ! The vinegar helps your appetite in Summer. I checked Octopus on Wikipedia and found out that 60% of octopus consumption is made in Japan ! We are big octopus eater. It also says that Western Region eat more octopus. It makes sense since it seems they make and eat more octopus balls. You don't know octopus balls ? Well, I don't have tools to make it at home,but there is good octopus ball shop near my place. Will upload it sometime.

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