Koya- Hong Kong Dining

This restaurant serves tasty spicy noodle soup. (Shown left bottom).
This Ladies Lunch Set was 890 yen.

Chinese Tea ( there are selections.
I chose Jasmine Tea ) , little veggie,
steamed Chimaki ( served in the basket like container ) , selection of

noodle soup ( I chose the spiciest one, called Oni = Devil Tantan men ). The dessert , almond jelly is also included. The chimaki is seasoned just right ! In the rice,
there are small shrimp, pork etc and it is wrapped in lotus leaf which smells good. When I finished eating, I ' m sure I was smiling feeling happy !

10 seconds from ShinDaita Station ( Inokashira-line ).
TEL: 03-3418-0862
5-29-8 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Open: Everyday, 11:30-23:30

They have good Chinese wine and tea also. A la carte menu is also a must to try.

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